2 Little-Known Tips For Writing Powerful Classified Ads


Nothing happens until you get a lead. If you can not get a lead, then all of your future marketing efforts are pointless. Generating a lead is vital to your business. And if you can not write a classified ad that can generate a lead for you, then you're in trouble.

Classified ad writing is an art form in and of itself. The good news about classified ads is that you only have to per-fect your crafting in short space. You do not have to write a full-page ad that will cost you thousands. You only have to write a short ad that can be mastered in a few easy steps.

Now the somewhat "downside" of classified ads is that you have to run a lot of them to really get the full benefit out of them – but once you have them out there – everything else is easy.

To get started writing classified ads that really work, here are a few tips that will get you on the right path.

1) Use targeting

You always want to target your prospects in your ads. Never write a general ad that could be for everyone as you will reach no one this way. You want to operate in a niche market so that you reach your intended prospect much easier. To better target your prospect, you should only advertise in a newsletter or publication that is focused on a specific audience.

The only time a broad ad will work is if you're offering a broad product – such as a business opportunity. But even if you offer a business opportunity, you should be advertising in home business magazines where you can better reach your intended audience.

You want to think about the gender, lifestyle, income, and age of your prospect before you start writing your ad. After you have considered these things, you should then begin to craft your around this market research. This will give you the best advantage as opposed to blindly writing your ad without research.

2) Have a good headline

Your headline says it all. Your headline tells your read what's in it for them, and why they should continue reading. Even though classified ad headlines tend to be short, you can still what you need to say into that short space.

Your classified ad has to get the attention of a skimming reader. Imagine a reader in a newspaper browsing through the sections. Now ask yourself, "If that reader browsed across my ad, would they stop and take an action?" This is the question you need to ask yourself and keep in mind when creating your ad.

You want to include the best keywords into your headline while making it sound good. For example, if I had a laptop for sale and wanted to sell it in the newspaper, I would write a headline such as, "Laptop, Cheap, Fast!" This tells my reader everything they need to know. I'm selling a laptop, it's cheap, and it's fast. Then my body copy would go on to continue selling them on my free offer.

These 2 tips form the backbone of a good classified ad. You should start using them today to get the most from your classified advertising efforts.


Source by Adrian Hargray

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