3 Healthy Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting!

Many people, regardless if they are rich or poor don’t see the connection between their habits and their health. They may regard enjoying good health as something over they have little or no control. But that is actually a pretty fatalistic way of viewing things. The reality is that you can take control over you health, there are in fact healthy ways to lose weight without doing any extreme diets.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how your financial situation currently is, you just have to take small basic steps, and the results will come. I can say this from my own personal experience of losing over 50 pounds. Just by making small basic changes that everyone can do to your eating habits you will in fact lose weight.

Author Michael Pollan resumes in few words a time tested health advice:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

1) Fresh foods vs. Processed foods:

One of the most healthy ways to lose weight is by choosing your food carefully. Since they started tinkering with food for more than 50 years ago, most of the food we currently eat don’t have the necessary nutrients we need, and instead they contain high levels of sugar, salt, fat, and other types of substances that causes addiction, having us craving for more of those types of foods.

2) Eating less:

The World Health Organization reports a dangerous worldwide increase in overweight. What I used to do (and keep doing) to keep myself from overeating is to drink a glass of water or two before each time i eat or before each meal. Another thing that really helps is to eat slower consciously, and since it takes 20 minutes for your brain to record that you are satisfied, this is a god way to prevent yourself from overeating.

3) Eat more plants:

Try adding more vegetables. This is how I eat them:

  • First: The vegetables and the protein first
  • Second: The carbs

If you do it this way, your body will process better what you eat.

A final word of caution:

In an attempt to lose weight, many people do popular diets. But, please, one word of caution, plenty of those diets will only have temporary effects on your body, and the ripple effect is terrible. I know what I’m talking about, I fell pray to the yo-yo diet cycle for years only to gain all my weight back again, and more.

Only when I learned how to eat properly I started to lose weight. My dear friend, there are in fact real and healthy ways to lose weight, it’s easier than you think.

Source by Alexander Palmer

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