9 Ways to Create More Money in Advertising Online


Creating money online has never been easier with the advent of Internet advertising. Here are 9 proven ways to make money through proper marketing promotions over the World Wide Web:

1. Perform affiliate marketing. This works on a commission scheme, and every item that is sold by an affiliate is given a corresponding commission. The harder an item is to sell, the higher the commission.

2. Advertise writing skills. You can make money with your writing skills by advertising that you are a writer for hire in a freelance writing board or forum. This is another way for you to make money off the Internet.

3. Go for drop shipping. People who do not have room for inventory often indulge in drop shipping. The advertising they often use for this is pay per click or PPC.

4. List auctions. You can also make money from auctions. Sites such as EBay allow you to create a list of your products, with appropriate picture and product description.

5. Think of Internet marketing. Pay per click campaigns allow you to post an ad in search engines. This gives you a very reliable return of investment.

6. Register in Adsense. Website owners take out an AdSense account from Google and create extra money for their website with the clicks that the AdSense their site generates.

7. Arbitrage. This is one kind of advertising technique that can make a lot of money but is a bit on the unethical and illegal side. This is the art of advertising your AdSense site on an AdWords account.

8. Outsource. You can advertise outsourced online jobs like an online translator, an online accountant, or anything that can be facilitated online.

9. Email sales letters. Reach out to your target market that doesn’t have time to surf of the time by sending them your sales letter. Include a link to your website.


Source by Sean Mize

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