Acer 3G Chromebook – The Future of Computing?


Acer 3G Chromebook announced in May is believed to be the future of computing. The laptop has as 11.6″ HD display. It is an ideal computer for the people who travel a lot.

An Intel® dual-core processor power the Acer 3G Chromebook. This Acer Chromebooks has a 2GB DDR3 Memory, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 16GB Solid State Drive, 1.3 Megapixel HD Webcam (1280 x 1024), High-Definition Audio Support, Two Built-in Speakers, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, Qualcomm Gobi 2000-3G, 2- USB 2.0 Ports, 1- HDMI™ Port, Chrome OS Keyboard, Touchpad, 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery Up to 8-hours battery life, 2.95 lbs. (system unit only)

Chromebooks coordinate tightly with Google’s “cloud” online services, and have almost no capacity to store information. Instead of storing software on the PCs, these computers will take the users applications directly to the internet.

A normal computer takes from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to start up. However, the Acer Chromebooks boot in about 10 seconds, the applications run very smoothly and websites load quickly.

The Intel® Atom™ N570 Processor supports two cores and provides additional system responsiveness, as well as an enhanced online experience.

This Acer Chromebook has a built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, which allows the user to access internet anywhere they are. No matter where you are, you can access all your information stored on the online cloud.

You can think of the cloud as your hard drive; only it is not inside your computer. You can save all the information and files you want to on the cloud and can access them whenever you want.

This Chromebook has an HDMI port. With an HDMI port you can connect your Chromebook to an external monitor and enjoy movies and videos on big screen whenever you want.

People have been confused about using the Chromebook. It is very easy to use a Chromebook, if you use internet and if you know how to use a browser, then you can easily learn how to use a Chromebook.

The Acer Chromebook has a full size chrome OS keyboard and simplified design make this device stylish and easy-to-use.

Just like mac air, it is quite thin and light weight. It looks stunning and it’s easy to use. You do not have to install anything and you do have to worry about your computer getting a virus.

Whenever, you turn on the Chromebook it will automatically upgrade to the latest features and will do a self-check, which is called a “verified boot”. If it finds that you OS is corrupted it will automatically fix and restore it.


Source by M Ali Khalid

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