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This is my first item, and I would like to thank all new buyers and future buyers!

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Set up, edited to my needs and up and running just like that:) And since I had an z-index issue this developer got back to me within minutes, for real. And also helped me out with this superfast and I just couldn´t be happier.
So, it´s in the (authors) name – SOBRILLIANT!
Five stars from me and I´m really looking forward to what´s next;)

A great method of complying with the new EU Cookie Laws. Easy to install and very customisable. You can use one of two methods to comply.

You can ask users for consent, or you can twist this plugin with custom text and tell users about your cookies. Using a growl style and modal style notification.

Allow users to browse through your website without being bugged by the notification.

Method 1: Perform a cookie audit on your website, and add our special code before and after the cookie-code to prevent the cookie running without users consent

Method 2: Perform a cookie audit (optional) on your website and tell users what cookies are being set via our modal popup, and in the growl popup you can tell them that cookies are being used to enhance the website.

This plugin is unobtrusive and does not ruin the users experience on your site, it works alongside your website. The user can ignore it or close it.

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