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Advanced Social Status – WordPress Social Counter Plugin

Advanced Social Status allows you to display an advanced WordPress Dashboard widget to display your Social Networking Fans/Followers and status.

Advanced Social Status will display your Social Networking activity and follower count for the following Social Networking sites:

Supported Social Networks


Display your Social Networking popularity

Three unique icon design layouts to choose from

Display your counts in your WP Dashboard

Your Plugin, Your Design!

Intelligent update notifications

Comprehensive plugin documentation

You can define what social networking sites you want to the plugin to display the information for. You can add any UserId or website URL to the plugin so that you can retrieve the counts for a different site than the one you have the plugin installed on.

The Widget has been developed to he highest quality standards and tested in all major modern browsers.

Advanced Social Status Features:

  • Highly functional dynamic widget interface.
  • Ability to change the Dashboard Widget title.
  • Display your Facebook Likes, Facebook Share counts.
  • Display the number of Twitter Followers, number of users you are Following on Twitter.
  • Display number of Tweets yo have posted and the amount of Twitter Shares.
  • Display your Google+ Follower count & Google+ Shares.
  • Display LinkedIn Follower count.
  • Display Delicious Follower count.
  • Display Stumbleupon Follower count.
  • Display SoundCloud Follower count & SoundCloud Views.
  • Display YouTube Subscriber count & Views.
  • Display amount of Dribbble Followers.
  • Display amount of Envato Followers.
  • Display amount of Pinterest Followers.
  • Display amount of GitHub Followers.
  • Display amount of MailChimp List Subscribers.
  • Ability to open Social Networking sites in same window or new window
  • Ability to display certain features and disable certain features, IE You can decide not to display the output for certain Social Networking sites.
  • Ability to choose between three separate icon styles.
  • Ability to display icons in 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.
  • Multiple widgets configurations. Drag and drop Social Network service icon ordering.
  • You determine the colors for each Social Network service.
  • Front end widget as well as WordPress Dashboard widget.
  • Shortcode enabled.
  • Built-in Update Notification System

Extended Features:

Display your Facebook Statistics
Display your Facebook Likes & amount of Facebook Shares.

Display your Twitter Statistics
Display your Twitter Followers, the amount of users your are Following on Twitter, the amount of Tweets you have posted and the amount of Twitter Shares you have.

Display Google +1 Statistics
Display the amount of Google 1 Followers & Google shares your site has.

Display LinkedIn Statistics
Display the total amount of users that Follow you on LinkedIn.

Display Delicious Statistics
Display the amount of Delicious followers your site has.

Display Stumbleupon Statistics
Display the amount of Stumbleupon followers your site has.

Display SoundCloud Statistics
Display the amount of SoundCloud followers a user has as well as SoundCloud views.

Display YouTube Statistics
Display the amount of YouTube subscribers you have as well as YouTube views.

Display Envato Statistics
Display the amount of Envato Followers you have.

Display Dribbble Statistics
Display the amount of Dribbble Followers you have.

Display Pinterest Statistics
Display the amount of Pinterest Followers you have.

Display GitHub Statistics
Display the amount of GitHub Followers you have.

Display MailChimp Statistics
Display the amount of MailChimp Subscribers a mailing list has..

Drag & Drop Social Networking icon sorting
You have the ability to drag & drop the Social Networking icons into any order you desire. Display or hide individual icons.

3 different Social Networking icon designs to use
Select any of the 3 available Social Networking icon designs ranging from square, round or cylinder..

4 Column layouts to choose from

You determine how many columns you want the widgets to be displayed in.

Built-in Update Notification System
When future updates of the plugin is released you are notified through your WordPress Dashboard with instructions on how to download and install updated versions.

Detailed Documentation
The plugin includes detailed documentation with installation instructions and usage instructions.

Quick-Start Guide

  1. Unzip plugin file.
  2. Upload the the plugin folder “advanced-social-status” (not just the files in it!) to your `wp-content/plugins` folder. If you’re using FTP, use ‘binary’ mode.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced Social Status settings page and configure the plugin to your needs. (Configuration settings detailed in supplied documentation)
  5. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard widgets page, drag the “Advanced Social Status” widget onto one of your WordPress theme sidebars to display the front-end widget. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard page to view the Admin Dashboard widget.
  6. You’re done. Enjoy.


In order to work, Advanced Social Widget WordPress plugin needs the following requirements:

  • WordPress release v3.5+
  • PHP version 5+


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