Advanced WooCommerce and WP Category Restrictions


NextGen – WooCommerce and WordPress Category Controller is a WordPress plugin for controlling WooCommerce and WordPress Categories based on various use cases. Restrict categories based on any combination of location (Country, State, City), language, IP, date, browser, mobile user, and more. You can now control categories like never before with zero coding necessary! WMLP compatible, Multisite support, translation ready and high performance.

Define rule for controling categories with almost everything like Geolocation, IP Address, Request URL, Third-Party URL,
User Role, Guest User, Date and Time, Page, Post, Category etc 37 different options with any combinations.
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Standard and Advance Rules: Using this plugin we can create a standard and most advanced rules for controlling categories.

Standard Rule : Below is the example of hiding hoodies and clothing categories for US users. Click on the image for full view.


Advance Rule : Below is the example of showing Clothing, Hoodies, T-Shirt and L-Size categories only for Washington, California cities, entire Canada for January month. Click on the image for full view.


Using category controller we can solve simple and complex use cases below are the few important use cases.
Simple User Cases:

  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Id and email.
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Role
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by Categories
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by Geo-location (Country, Region and City)
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by Page and Posts
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by Request URL.
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by IP Address
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by Refferal URL.
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by Date, Time, Month and Day of the week.
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories for Tablet device.
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories for Mobile phone.

Complex Use Cases : Define complex rule using logical “and” “or” and “brackets”

  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Role and Date and Time
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Role and Geo location
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Role, Geo location and Date and Time
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Role, Geo location, Device and Date and Time
  • WooCommerce and WP Categories by User Role, Geo location, Device or Request URL and Date and Time and More …

General Features

  • Define a dynamic hook using Rules Engine platform which will be called by plugin once the rule is satisfied.
  • Access the status of the Logical Rule using the utility method from your code.
    RulesEngine::is_rule_valid("Rule Name");
  • User Friendly easy-to-use Ajax interface.
  • Reduces development effort and easy to maintain
  • Activate or Deactivate Parent Rule (Logical Rule) and Child rules (Page, Post, Theme Rules etc).
    If Parent Rule is deactivated all the corresponding child rules will become inactive.
  • Translation ready (Localization support)
  • Easy to upgrade.

Release Notes

Version 1.02 – January 18, 2018 (Version # reset)

This release contains below new features.

1.Setting Menu is divided into Global Settings and Site Setting.
2.Show Category based on zip code.
3.Show Category on WordPress Tags.
4.Show Category on Woo Tags and Woo Attributes.
5.UI facelift.
6.Bug fixes.

Please Note : This version of plugin do not support upgrade from existing plugin. We have reset the version number of plugin to 1.02 to make it version number compatible with other addons.

Version 3.0 – August 01, 2016

This release mainly concentrated on User Experience. 

1.Now customers can define a category and logical rule in a single page. 

Provided different options to create rules. 

      a. Standard Rule.
      b. Advance Rule.
      c. Use Existing Rule.

2.Provided "Contains any of" for IP address rule, which enables customer to add more IP Address in a single rule with comma separation.
3.Removed Category and Subcategory dropdowns and provided them as Grouping for better user experience.
4.Improved performance of plugin by consolidation and minification of  all js and css files into to single js and css file.
5.Added Trouble shoot page in setting section, to view the client ip and geo-location details.
6.Page loader added for better usability.
7.Exclude and Show categories options added.
    a.Exclude posts and products from categories. 
    b.Exclude posts and products in search from categories. 
    c.Hide categories in side bar. 
    d.Show posts and products from only from this categories. 
    e.Show categories in side bar. 
8.WordPress Multisite support.
9.Bug fixes.

Note: Existing customers should delete existing rules and plugins before installing this update. This version do not support upgrade, since lot of new features added which do not support upgrade.

Version 2.3 – March 24, 2016

    1. Referral URL : Control the categories using the source of request. The Referral URL can also from Third-Party 
    2. Evaluation Type : "At least Once” rule evaluation feature added in Logical Rules, which is useful if the customer wants to perform redirection even if the rule is satisfied at-least once.
    3. Auto rules refresh : After any rule add or update, no need to clear browser cache. Updated rule is effected on browser refresh.
    4. Performance Improvements : This version contains an important fixes to improve the overall performance of the plugin by evaluating all the dynamic conditions at once.
    5. Enhanced analytics features, now included different type of charts and search option. 
    6. WordPress 4.4+ version support.

Version 2.0 – Feb 20, 2016

      Bug fixes.

Version 1.0 – July 30, 2015

    Initial Release.


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