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Here’s a bike I painted for a client. Actually, EVERY image on this pageis either painted by ME, Stuart Vimpani, or by my students from all overthe world. NO stock photos here…. what you see is the REAL deal!

Realistic Flames (True Fire)Learn my fool-proof method for painting true fire! Blows people away!

How To Prepare Your SurfaceThe first step in any killer paintjobstarts with preparing your surface!

How To Mask Your FlameStep-by-step like the pros…even on curved surfaces!

Pin Striped FlamesHow to easily create a perfect pin stripe on your flames every time!

Glass FlamesHow to paint flames that look like a blown glass neon tube… truly pops!

Embossed flamesHow to make your flames look likethey have been stamped in metal!

Mirror Image FlamesDiscover the time-saving technique for creating a mirror image of your flame!

Tribal FlamesTransform any flame graphic into a tribal flame… always popular!

Overlapping FlamesLearn the cool masking trick for creating overlapped flames!

Hot Rod FlamesHow to paint classic hot rodflames in 3 popular styles!

How To Make a TemplateCut painting time in half and produce professional quality flames!

How To Apply a Mask Cut your airbrushing time in halfand create an accurate painting!

Ghost FlamesHow to paint an awesome set of “ghost” flames in a matter of minutes!

Blade FlamesFor a killer paint job, knowing how topaint blade flames are a must!

Drop ShadowsHow to add a 3D look to your flamesso they leap right out at you!

Double layer flameLearn how to create an impressivedual layer, overlapping flame!

Flaming a motorcycle tankHow to produce a hot looking set of flames on your bike or chopper!

Steel FlamesCreate steel flames so sharp,you might cut yourself!

How to gain control of your airbrush with 3 fundamental
techniques you simply cannot paint without!

How to blend colors so you can add texture, dimension, and shadows to your paintjob!

How to paint 3 different even tones without leaving any drips, splotches or spray patterns!

How to create eye-popping 3D effects the fast & easy way! Three kickass tutorials!

How to draw flames and create your own airbrush stencil templates… the foolproof method!

How to create show stopping airbrush flames in a quarter of the time it would take a professional to do it the traditional way!

Knowing how to work on different surfaces is crucial for a professional airbrush artist. To achieve the best possible results with your painting, I teach you about the proper products and materials that work best on a variety of surfaces. I even tell you where to get all of these products and materials to build your airbrush toolkit!

I’m a professional airbrush artist and I still make mistakes once in a while. Don’t let mistakes ruin your day! Instead, learn my hard-won troubleshooting techniques to help you correct mistakes in a flash!

Many pro airbrush artists don’t share their guarded techniques because they fear competition! Truth is, there are PLENTY of opportunities to go around! I’ve taught thousands of people locally and worldwide, how to paint. But my personal painting studio is BUSIER than ever!

Forget about magazines that skip the most important steps. They just want to sell you more magazines. My proven guide reveals all the steps you need for ANY skill level!

I’ve been a commercial airbrush
artist since 1992. But my passion for car graphics and custom painting started when I was very young.

I wanted to be the artist who painted those wicked car graphics that other people would admire. I had no direction, but I had my dreams.

I started out with no money, no job,and no skills. But I worked hard, paid my dues, and I now live mydream of painting killer car graphics professionally!

Over the last 2 decades, I’ve learnedand assembled tons of proven techniques in my own custom painting business. I’ve never paid for advertising because my long waiting list of clients have all discovered me via word of mouth!

for more than 20 years, people everywhere have asked me to teach them how to airbrush. Because of my own struggle to get where I am today, I am excited that so many people share my passion and desire for painting. So, that’s how my airbrush courses were born! And I haven’t looked back since!

After my first year of teaching, I decided to refine everything I knew into a fool-proof system that could be taught to ANYONE with a passion to learn. This system has worked successfully for my many students and is the basis for my eBook, “‘How To Airbrush Flames & True Fire!”

It seems like everyone and their dog is trying to sell “how to airbrush” information these days. I advise you to be cautious for several reasons. Most importantly, even a great airbrush “artist” is NOT always a great teacher!

I am passionate about painting, but I am equally as passionate about teaching. The great news for you is that I have gone through the years of trial and error so YOU don’t have to!

Over the years my work has appeared in countless publications and has won many awards at some of the countries biggest car and bike shows!

Above: F250 Truck I painted which was awarded at the Street Machine Summer Nationals 2007 – The biggest and most prestigious custom car event held in Australia.

Above & Below: A bike I custom painted for Dynamight won the two biggest custom bike shows in Australia back to back! Gold Coast Bike Week awarded it Best Custom Chopper and it was also chosen to represent Australia in The World Biker Build Off in Las Vegas!

Above: Most recently, my own Custom Chopper won Best Paint at Gold Coast Bike Week and again at Custom Bike Championships!

Some students may forget key techniques they’ve learned in my one-day courses. But if YOU forget something, simply open my book and refresh your memory! A great reference guide to keep your skills sharp for many years!

Plus! There’s nothing that makes a man (or woman) more proud than the ability to do something yourself! You will learn a rewarding skill that can bring you great pleasure (and profit) for the rest of your life!

YES STUART! Please RUSH me the latest copy of your ebook, “How To
Airbrush Flames & True Fire”;

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on tutoring fees, not to mention thousands on hiring a custom painter, I will learn how to DO IT MYSELF with the help of your best-selling guide!

**196 Pages of EASY-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions with Over 450 Full Color Photos!

DOUBLE YES! Since I promise to be a diligent student and want to become truly successful at airbrushing Flames ” True Fire, please rush your Three (3) FREE GIFTS mentioned below so I can start painting right away!

So many people make outrageous claims, it’s hard to know who to believe. But my track record speaks for itself, so I ‘m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Listen, subscribe to my FREE 7 part mini course to get a taste of what you will learn in my ebook. No obligation to buy. If you don’t like what you see, then you’ve risked NOTHING!

Your privacy is our priority. We will NEVER rent or sell your email!

But Don’t Take My Word For It…
Listen To What THEY Have to Say!

The E-book you have created is what gave me the confidence to actually try airbrushing, as previously, I had done everything with vinyl, which was both limiting, and not very durable. The effects and depth of colour I can attain using the Airbrushing Made Easy lessons far surpass anything my years of digital printing could hope to reach.

The other thing that impressed me about the e-book was the detail in which all the techniques are set out in. Although I was already familiar with spray painting, with the steps outlined in the lessons, I am sure anybody could reach a commercial level of competence in a very short time.

After practicing the true fire method on steel panels, I painted the engine cover of my Holden Ute. I was really happy with how it turned out, so I took the big step of painting the car itself. I have attached photos of the engine cover, and of the car, with progress shots as well as the final result.
Brendon McDonough


Thanks to Stuart for convincing me to give it a go as I would never have tried it myself.
I went around to see Stuart about painting flames on my new car. He said “why do you want me to paint them for, why don’t you paint them yourself ??? ” I said – “yeah but I want a good job”… 
After convincing me that he could show me how to paint flames myself, I thought what the heck I might as well give it a go. I honestly could not believe how easy it was, he showed me a few simple tricks and I had the whole thing finished in less than half a day and it was my first attempt! Now when I’m driving through traffic I get the thumbs up from people all the time and everyone asks – “where did you get your flames done at?” and I’m always proud to say “I done them myself!” 
I am now getting people asking me if I can paint their car as well so I have left my full time job as a butcher and taken up a job with less hours so I can airbrush in my spare time.


Hey Stuart, Zane  here.

The ebook I downloaded a couple months ago worked great and has helped me produce some work that I am extremely proud of. I used the true fire lesson on a helmet which I have included a picture and I have also used the hot rod flame lesson on a series of door inserts for a commodore.
I have been working with a panel beater and spray painter to get more experience with paints etc. Just trying to get as much experience as I can to be a professional airbrush artist. This is what I am passionate about and thank you so much for your help so far.

Thanks again,
– Zane Ruyssenaers


I have attached the pic of my first attempt at true fire and I think the result is awesome and it just reinforces the statements that you make on your website.
I just wanted to say that the book is awesome. I have been airbrushing for a couple of months but had never attempted true fire prior to buying the ebook. After I got the book which I got because I want to paint true fire on my own car I decided to attempt it on a board painted the color that I am respraying my car to see what it would look like. Thanks again for the book.

-Michael Davis

Hi Stu,
First off,  I’d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my work with you. I would very much say that your ‘Airbrushing Flames and True Fire’ e-book has taught me, not only about the artwork but the key thing to airbrushing techniques. For example, how actually simple it is to make templates and stencils from a plotter. Applying mask, drop shadows, troubleshooting and working around with different types of color, such as candy colors.
As for the candy fire, I used your ideas to create a real fire and work with candy colors. Lastly, for the flame project, i followed closely your teachings, to create and to make use of your flame stencils that come together with the e-book.
I consider myself lucky to have come across this e-book especially after I took up a beginners airbrushing course in a private school where I was only taught how to use and clean the airbrush kit and basic masking manually.
I would like to thank you so very much for coming up with this e-book and to share your knowledge with others. I really appreciate your work and I would always recommend this e-book to those who wants to learn how to do not only do flames but also the key technique to airbrushing, as a guidance and a replacement for a real teacher.
Rahmad a.k.a AD

Very Cool stuff!  Love the “real flame”.  Going to practice to put them on my guitar hopefully soon.

The book and the set-up and guidance is excellent,  I have already got stuck in and practised a bit so it is looking pretty good.. and hope to do a paid job soon.
Thanks again

The ebook was very helpful, I will be trying out some of the techniques on my car when its finished,
thanks again 

Great book thanks!
Brian Parmer

Many thanks for your fast efficient service, the book itself is an enormous help as I am only just starting out in this painting media.
Kind regards,

I’m really pleased with the book, also the airbrush templates. I’ve found it very helpful and full of useful tips – can’t wait to put them into practice.  Well worth the price.  Many thanks.
Jackie (A very happy customer)  

I have started going thru the book and like it said, you don’t have to be an expert to understand. I have been away from the airbrush work for a while and am getting back into very, very soon. Once again thank you for the email and look forward to any updates or additional info.
Cheers for now.

Had no trouble downloading it, and is now an important reference guide. I found the part on the true flames to be just what I needed, and find that a lot of people want them in their designs, in some way or another. Thanks heaps for your help. Hope to catch up with you soon.
Sean Lampard.

The more I use the book the more I’m getting out of it I do think it was worth the Money and the quality of the photos and layout are very good.
Patti Mac

Everything went great the download is done and I like everything so far but I don’t have any kind of photo shop so I can’t do the laid outs yet but the tips are great

I think the content is quite good. Some good descriptions of the basics of airbrushing and flame layouts are well described.
Thanks Steve

I have a 13 year old son that has some artistic aptitude.  While I plan to use your book, I am also planning to use it to try and nurture his talent.

Thank you again, and I look forward to doing more business with you.
Cordially, Samuel Fuentes

You wouldn’t believe how long I have been looking for something like this, a very satisfied customer here!

I am a painter’s helper at a high end collision and refinishing shop in Annapolis Maryland and I just want you to know that your steps for prepping the work was right on the dot. Allot of other dvd’s that I have ordered were not even close for the prep work being right but yours was awesome. a great paint job begins with how good of a job you did on the prep work.

Thanks for your help. 
George Guthridge

The book has had me doing things with gusto(so busy learning shading/shadowing I just didn’t think getting back to you.
The info in the ebook is nothing short of being fantastic bloody good learning tool/reference.
Best regards Wayne Insch

I now have everything that will allow my husband to play with his new toy, lol.  He is very happy with the book and templates and is itching to get practicing.  He builds Harley Davidson’s as his hobby and wants to start detailing them himself instead of hiring someone to do it. Thanks again for the support.

I read through the entire E Book and was fascinated and relieved and the step by step procedures.  I can’t wait to start practicing the dots and lines.  The flame jobs are fantastic and to tell you the truth, you guys make it look easy.  I hope it really is.  My friend said I can paint his motorcycle tank already, but I have to start with his helmet first. Cool!
Thank you very much Good Job Guys!
Heriberto Tobias

The book is well put together, easily followed and greatly detailed. You did a great job with this. I am hoping to be able to print it out and take to my little shop this weekend to practice.
Again great job
Kevin P Salerno

My name is Darrell, my wife Norma purchased the E-Book for me and I have to say, THANK YOU. I have been looking for help on the net to try and find a site that would give me some kind of idea how to correct the mistakes I’ve been making while airbrushing and have run in to all kinds of trouble. That is till I found your site. When I found your site I thought it was too good to be true. A site where some one is truly willing to help someone with a problem. Ever since reading through the E-Book I have corrected mistakes and am able to understand what I was doing wrong. Your book is very informative and easy to understand.
I truly can not thank you enough.
Darrell Droneburg

Everything works great with the e-book! Download and registration was without problems.
The only thing what I have to do now is to practice the lessons. 🙂

Best regards Josef

Thank you for the book. It was easy to down load, easy to access, and easy step by step instructions. I will use this book more as the summer nears, but the practice is going well. If anyone wants your service I’ll definitely recommend your book. Again thank you the book’s worth more than you charge, and easy to follow.

ThX for the book  i’m so happy with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is great thankyou lots of helpful tips that i never new about and also ill be doing some airbrush either this week or next week and ill send the pictures to you if you like
but once again thanks heaps it really did help

I’m really happy with the book it has really helped me with my airbrushing. The step by step guides are great and all the pictures are a real bonus.
Alex Merrick

Thankyou for your most exciting and interesting book . I have read it all and cannot wait to get started. once again, thankyou so much .
Phil Steers.

Hi, I received the e-book and am very impressed. Can’t wait for my masks to arrive now.

Thanks again
 David Ford


Hi Stuart,
Great tutorial, hope to see some more from you. The flame style format is very easy to understand,  hope you keep this format if you write any others.
Maybe a video?  If you do please put me on that mailing list.
Any more boat work, I want to paint my boat and am looking for ideas 🙂
Anyway, keep plugging and thanks again.

Hey there Stuart,
In the last 24 hours I have learnt heaps, the way you show how to draw flames just opened up a brand new world to me. And watching you work on “true Fire” was like being hit with a piece of 4X2, the light came on and the fear went away (for a bit anyway).
I am now working towards getting the readies together so I can purchase some HOK paints and really start having fun. This is what it’s all about, after being ill for so damn long I’m starting to feel alive again.
Thanks a heap Stuart


I received the book no probs and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and tips. I have had previous spray painting experience in the Air force painting planes and vehicles for a period of 6 yrs and a bit more painting cars and bikes and other stuff for the last ten years, but after picking up the airbrush for first time in almost 8yrs, I have put your techniques into good use as well as a few dvd’s I have picked up and consolidated the information and I am now well on the way to get the courage to start customising my bike and helmets.
I look forward to a dvd that you should do to consolidate the information from your ebook , and I believe this would be beneficial for people who that have had little or no exposure painting.

Thanks heaps,
Regards Paul.

I just wanted 2 say thanks so much for the info, it helped me allot and I will add it to what I already know and with some practice I know I will be successful in making a name 4 my self, I have that drive 2 settle 4 nothing less!!!  Since I have I received your book already I have people amazed at what I can do, I work in the auto-body industry and have been doing artwork since I was a kid. Thanks again 4 the secrets and u never know, I may send u pics of my work,  IT WAS A BOOST TO MY CAPABILITY!!!!!!!

Everything could not have been better. I would one day love to meet and watch you to get the technique of handling the airbrush, you are a very talented man.
Thank you.

This tutorial is an excellent resource; concise, easy to follow and clearly explaining every step in the process. I’ve been disappointed with “e-books” before, but this one was definitely worth the money. Thank you very much.
Charlie Harvin

Thanks for your ebook . I have found this publication to be very helpful and it is very pleasing to see that you can get great results from very clever tricks of the trade.

Please note that I have not done any airbrushing as yet ( I don’t intend to start on my bike until the winter comes.– I also need to purchase equipment !

I find the ebook overall “excellent” but I feel there could be an improvement from the point of view, having an actual “DVD demo” of the handling of the airbrush re– air pressures and speed of the tool/ application rates.—- just a thought.

Kind regards.–Mick Coney



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