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Do you want Magento AJAX Cart in your store? We provide you with ease to use Ajax Cart extension.

Our extension allows you to use cart by dint of Ajax. Extension works with different types of product, and it has wide variety of configurations.

Note: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them.


  1. Your customers can use cart by dint of Ajax.
  2. Comfortable configuration of extension.
  3. Extension hasn’t extra code that decreases the speed of work when you are working with cart.
  4. You can choose place where you want to activate ajax cart (Catalog view, Category product list).
  5. If you want to be redirected to the cart after adding product to the cart, you can easily do it with our extension.

Administration & Configuration

All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, installation requires little time and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

Version and Compatibility

Ajax Cart Extension version 3.6.3 is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.7-1.9.2 and guaranteed to work with Magento default theme.

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Admin Panel


May 3 2017 – Version 3.6.3

- removed MEQP1 warnings
- fixed issue with configurable products

Feb 14 2017 – Version 3.6.0

- Added responsive popups

Jun 15 2016 – Version 3.5.1

- Fixed bug with configurable products;
- Fixed issue with including unnecessary ascripts;
- Small improvements.

Apr 28 2016 – Version 3.5.0

- Product options window responsibility
- Fixed issue with invalid form key

Feb 15 2016 – Version 3.3.2

- Small Bug fixes

Jul 03 2015 – Version 3.3.1

- Found more convenient script for popup
- Bug fixing
- Reformatted code with Webinse style

Nov 25 2014 – Version 3.1.0

- Changed styles for popup window
- Improved work on the default theme

Nov 07 2014 – Version 3.0.0

- Fixed Popup for grouped items
- Changed styles for popup

May 15 2014 – Version 2.0.2

Minor bug fixing

May 06 2014 – Version 2.0.1

Bug fixing.

Apr 29 2014 – Version 2.0.0

Code optimization and added many new features:
- ability to remove product from cart by dint of ajax
- Ajax add to Wishlist
- Ajax update product

Apr 22 2014 – Version 0.1.1

Added information about Webinse to system configuration.

Apr 09 2014 – Version 0.1.0

Initial relies


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