AJAX GuestBook



  • XML based database. No MYSQL or any other kind of database required.
  • HTML code allowed in comments with loads of features.
  • Badword’s filter.
  • Avatar from Gravatar based on email.
  • Smileys and captcha protection.
  • Admin module to edit and delete comments.
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap framework for theme.
  • Much more in the package and more to be updated.


PHP 5.6 and above with GD library.
Apache webserver.


Guest Link -> http://www.aiglemedia.com/php/ajaxguestbook/
Admin Link -> http://www.aiglemedia.com/php/ajaxguestbook/admin/

Login details for administrator
userid : admin
password : admin

It is strongly recommended to update the guestbook to this latest version by all the clients who have already purchased it.
Important note for those updating. Please check upgrading section in the help file provided.

Hot New Features NEW

  • AJAX GuestBook has fallback to PHP if JavaScript not enabled on browser.
  • Email notification to admin when new entry from guest is added.
  • Mobile ready

Change Log.

Update to - v5.1 [11th July 2018]
Some minor bug fixes and improvements have been made to the application.
Update to - v5.0 [20th Aug 2017]
1) Now uses the popular CKEditor as WYSIWYG text editor for HTML codes.
2) Uses HTMLPurifier to filter HTML comments that guards against XSS.
3) Guestbook entry time can now be displayed in custom language and timezone.
4) Admin can now add custom smileys.

Credits to 3rd party libraries.

PHP Libraries
HTML Purifier        - http://htmlpurifier.org/
PHPMailer            - https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/
Respect/Validation    - https://github.com/Respect/Validation/
Mobile Detect        - http://mobiledetect.net/

JavaScript Libraries
CKEditor            - http://ckeditor.com/
JQuery                - https://jquery.com/

CSS Libraries
Twitter Bootstrap     - http://getbootstrap.com/
Font Awsome            - http://fontawesome.io/

And many more used in project.


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