ajSlideshow: A jQuery Gallery Slideshow Plugin


What’s ajSlideshow Plugin?

A jQuery gallery slideshow plugin is a perfect slideshow and it is as it looks. With sleek, smooth and simple 5 transition effects this plugin is compatible with all modern browsers.

Hard to implement?

No, its real easy, you can use this plugin as most of other available jQuery plugins.


  • Easy and simple integration.
  • Supports images of different dimensions, images bigger than slideshow area will be auto-reized to fit the view.
  • A True jQuery Plugin. Don’t conflict with any other plugins.
  • Colors and fonts customizable via CSS
  • 5 simple slide transitions : slide left/right/up/down and fade.
  • Changeable Background Colors
  • Optional show/hide thumbnails
  • Optional auto-hide thumbnails or show it always.
  • Option to place the thumbnails on top/bottom/left or right hand side
  • Option to modify captions more eaisly with easy callback functions (View Preview for more details)
  • Captions now can contain html contents too, and positioning captions is easy


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