Android News App


Android News App

Android News App is a mobile news system which run under Android platform that used for your own news application. With powerful and Responsive Admin Panel can manage news category, news item, app profile information, change admin username and password with generate password, etc. This application created by Android for client side and then PHP MySQL for Admin side. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own news application.


Get Demo App Try Demo Admin Panel

Username : admin

Password : admin

What You Get :

  • Full Android Source Code (Android Studio & Eclipse Code)
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • Full Documentation with Screenshot

Change Log

Android News App v2.4.0

  • Build in latest version of Android Studio and Eclipse
  • Update additional libraries to the latest version
  • Firebase Analytics & Push Notification (Android Studio)
  • OneSignal Push Notification (Eclipse)
  • Update listview to recyclerview
  • Ripple effect on click listener added
  • Easy way to enable or disable ads
  • Easy way to switch in RTL mode (e.g Arabic Language)
  • Fix Admin Panel problem in category selection

Android News App v2.1.0

  • RTL Version included
  • Add compatibility on Android Marshmallow
  • Improvement support for html tag in the news description

Android News App v2.0.0

  • Build in latest Android Studio and Eclipse
  • Update additional libraries to the latest version
  • Swipe Down Refresh Menu
  • Google Analytics is Available Now
  • Add New Settings Menu in Android App
  • Navigation Drawer with Header Image
  • New Application Logo
  • New Look in News Detail View
  • New UI Design for Admin Panel
  • Migrate Push Notification from Parse to GCM
  • Send Push Notification directly from Admin Panel
  • Configuration More Easily
  • Fix some minor bugs

Android News App v1.4.1

  • Fix app crash issue on tablet devices

Android News App v1.4.0

  • Improvement Admin Panel with more user friendly UI
  • Fix problem about search menu character
  • Add Compatibility for larger device screen size
  • Add new navigation drawer menu
  • Improvement for Eclipse Project
  • Placing AdMob according new Google AdMob Policy Recommendation
  • Easy Enable or Disable AdMob and StartApp ads
  • Update Support Library

Android News App v1.3.1

  • Available for Android Studio Version

Android News App v1.3.0

  • Available for No Ads version of Android Source Code
  • Improvement of the appearance of the detail news menu

Android News App v 1.2.3

  • Fix problem AdMob ads don’t want show up
  • Fix issue that users can’t change the application package name

Android News App v 1.2.2

  • Support unicode characters on app news content (Arabic or other language)
  • Add new content editor to allow add link, multiple image, etc in news content

Android News App v 1.2.1

  • Fix Error News List Pagination in Admin Panel

Android News App v 1.2.0

  • Add Parse Push Notification
  • Add Refresh Menu
  • Add AdMob Interstitial ads
  • Manually Disable/Enable Date Display in News List (Includes in Documentation)

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