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ANTAN – Marketplace for Digital Products is a powerful marketplace script for make your customer easy to selling their digital item like theme, video, logo and etc…

Test Drive Before You Buy

Demo Link:

Demo Login Details:
Admin User
User: admin
Password: admin123

Client User
User: puser
Password: puser123

Demo data resets everyday!

Our Guarantee

  • Provide excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Patch and fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Answer any questions you may have.

ANTAN is also very secure!

  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest CodeIgniter Framework Version 3.1 that has been tried and tested by millions of developers.
  • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass Library, standard bcrypt encryption.
  • Captcha enabled pages to prevent spam!
  • Optional account activation via email
  • Brute Force protection on login

Full Feature List

  • User & Registration System

    • Users can register for an account using the quick and easy register page.
    • Captcha enabled registration page to prevent bots from spamming your site (can be disabled in Admin Panel
    • Users can also register accounts using their Social Network accounts, making it even quicker to sign up to your site!
    • Login System comes with a Forgotten Password page, to allow users to reset their password via email.
    • Prevents spam by making sure the email address is unique and valid.
    • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library (bcrypt) to make sure your data is safe!
    • Can disable registration from Admin Panel, as well as Social Login option.
    • Brute Force Login Protection
    • Account Activation Option
  • User System

    • Analytics to see products views, total orders, total revenue and also can look in chart.
    • Products
      • Products list – User can see products
      • Add Product – allow user to add own product
      • Edit Product – allow user to edit product
      • Delete Product – allow user to delete product
    • Orders to see buyer buy their products
    • Email Marketing
      • Campaigns list – User can see campaigns list
      • Send newsletter – allow to user send newsletter to their customers or follower
      • Edit campaign – allow user edit campaign
      • Delete campaign – allow user delete campaign
    • Discounts
      • Discounts list – User can see discounts list
      • Add new coupon – allow to user add coupon
      • Edit coupon – allow user edit coupon
      • Delete coupon – allow user delete coupon
      • Add new sales – allow to user add sales
      • Edit sales – allow user edit sales
      • Delete sales – allow user delete sales
    • Store info allow user to change store picture, store background, store name, about store, social link, website link and purchase email customization
    • Payment options allow user to change payment options
    • Billing user can see the current plan, payment information and billing history
  • Admin System

    • Dashboard you can monitor your sales report,file type, latest item and latest users.
    • Global Settings allow you to change site name, logo, enable registration, file upload types and more.
    • Social Media Settings allow you to set if users can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts.
    • Manage all members easily; edit their usernames, passwords, emails.
    • IP Blocking allows you to prevent users from logging in with certain IP addresses.
    • Optional Google ReCaptcha implementation
  • Current Implemented Languages

    • English

Release Notes


Fixed: Roles issue
Fixed: Product image overflow


Added: Permissions
Added: Email Templates
Added: IP Blocking
Added: Email Users
Added: User and Payment logs
Added: User Groups
Added: Email Site
Added: Cache Time
Added: File Size
Added: Upload Path
Added: Relative Upload Path
Added: Add new main Page
Improved: Roles
Fixed: reCaptcha issue
Fixed: Add currency page error
Fixed: Product not available error
Fixed: Product not available error
Fixed: Subscribe not work
Fixed: Notification not update
Fixed: Email marketing issue (email not send out)
Fixed: Payment settings empty languages


Fixed: No credit can buy product
Fixed: GEO Location problem on linux
Fixed: Database not correct arrangement


Added tickets support for buyer
Added "pay what you want" 
Added withdrawals
Added Traffic by location
Added more social links
Added store headline & description
Added social share on product page
Added tax rate(not for athor,will include for athor in feature)
Added authors earnings on admin dashboard
Added Coinpayments gateway
Improved: All table with filter
Improved: Admin setup to make easy to manage
Improved: Redesign
Fix : Login sessions issue
Fix : Billing can't save
Fix : All minor bugs
Update : Codeigniter 3.1.6
AND more...


Initial Release


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