AppKit – E-Book Template for iPhone / iPad


AppKit is a beautiful template to create your own e-book app for the AppStore. It is easy to use and provides a working app that can be freely customized.

The same code would cost you about $1500 if you want to get the same functionality by hiring a developer on oDesk or Elance. By using AppKit you save a lot of time and money, and this is great.

Find more information and more package options here:

AppKit includes:

  • E-Book app code that is ready to use (iPhone/iPad).
  • 2 sample Photoshop templates for creating e-book pages (iPhone/iPad).
  • Flurry analytics support for tracking real use of your app.
  • App Network support to boost your sales (requires your own JSON backend, but code is ready!)

Here is my own e-book created using AppKit:

Also, there is another small e-book that I created in 2 hours (from idea to AppStore upload) using AppKit: (Free)

Find more information and more package options here:

Thank you!

P.S. If you need professional texts (labels, descriptions, etc) for your app, try QuickEdit — it’s the easiest way to do that. All editing and proofreading work is done by real native-speakers from USA who are experts in their field, and everything is automated by our app.

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