Basics of Good Website Design


The new age of minimalism

What do I mean by minimalism? Statistically speaking, your website needs to catch the user's attention in the first 7 seconds. Otherwise, it's game over. A lot of websites today have too much going on at one time. It is imperative that you present a user with coherent information instead of inundating them with information. Minimalism in web design is the use of neutral colors, pertitent graphics and partitioned content. Here at Phoenix web design estimate firm we believe minimalism is the ONE thing most web designers do not understand.

Web pages that make sense
Before you even think about creating a web page, you must think through what your goals are in terms of the website. Are you looking to create a website that showscases your product / services, are you creating a website to give out more information about your business or are you simply wanting a website because everyone else has it (hopefully that's not true). Thinking about the goal will drive the design of the website. If you are a wedding photographer and just want to showcase your work then it makes sense to create a slideshow web as the main page. You could have a contact page which would allow users to contact you. The minimalist design criteria would be satisfied. A lot of people approach website design with 'more the better' philosophy which is not true. Select a layout that meets your goal.

Layout, layout, layout
A good way of drafting a minimalist website is to sketch out on a notepad what key elements you want the visitor to pay attention to. Think from a customer's perspective. If they found you via a search engine, they are obviously looking for a solution to their problem. How can you present your services in the main page which convinces the visitor to contact you? This is a concept worth exploring. The whole point of the website is to get the interested visitor to take the next step; try your service / product. How do you make that happen? You make that happen by presenting to the visitor the reasons why your product / service will solve their problems. There is a catch though! If you are not clear and concise or if your message does not resonate with the user; they will be on their way to try the next result in the search engine. That is why it is essential that you create a simple and concise layout that focuses the user's attention on your product / service.

Is that it?
When it comes to web design, concentrating on the above three points will always yield a quality website. Remember, websites are a means to an end. You want the visitor to overcome their hesitation to take the next step. If you design your website with that goal in mind you will convert visitors into customers! For more free tips by Phoenix web design estimate firm please do check out our website.


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