Basics on Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the many weight instruments used in weight training. They are handheld and could be used one at a time or one for each hand at the same time. The word ‘dumbbell’ originated during the time when athletes in an English town (Tudor, as the origin of the legend goes) had to take bell clappers off the bell to use them for their weight exercise. This practice leaves the bells unable to make a sound, and thus, dumb. Even after bell clappers are no longer used, the name stuck with the equipment.

Weight and size of dumbbells vary greatly depending on the type of dumbbells you would use. At present, there are three main types of this equipment: the adjustable dumbbells, the fixed-weight dumbbells, and the selectorized dumbbells. The first one has a metal bar with crosshatch pattern engravings as its central part. The weight plates or disks are slipped into the sides of the dumbbells. They are then locked into place by collars or clips. The weight could be adjusted from five (5) to fifty (50) pounds by adding plates to or removing plates from the handle. The second type is could be cast iron (the most expensive) or rigid plastic molded into the shape of dumbbell. The third type is another type of adjustable dumbbell. The only difference is that the weights are changed mechanically rather than by manual work, as is in the case of the first type.

Dumbbells are equipments which are truly helpful and practical, too. They are indeed very versatile equipment especially for those with schedules so tight they could not visit the neighborhood gym. You could do weights virtually anywhere – you could do some light lifting while watching TV or while at the office. Dumbbells could also prove to be more effective than weight machines. This is because unlike the machines which allows you to move only limitedly, the use of free weights rely heavily on the users and how these people make their movements as smooth and stable as possible.

Investing on certain things might help you make your dumbbell routines easier and safer. For instance, if you have bought a heavy set of dumbbells, you could buy a new set composed of lighter ones. Remember that not every part of your body could take the same weight. A bench could also help expand the kinds of exercises you could do. The ones which could recline or incline are the best buy. Stability balls, on the other hand, could help in developing your balance and strengthening your core.

However, one should always take extra caution whenever they lift dumbbells, no matter how light they might be. You have to seek you physician’s advice especially if you are lifting for the first time. There are ailments which could be worsened by lifting, most common of which is back problems. Also, get an instructor or at least rely on credible online guidelines or home videos if you are a beginner. Experimenting too much on the first days of lifting might cause unwanted injury especially if your body has not yet coped up with the novel stress your routine is giving it.

Source by Jared E. Ingram

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