Become A Farmer Through Computer And iPhone


If you want to have a fun time being a virtual farmer that builds in an entrepreneurial way, then FarmVille might be just the game for you. Requiring a web browser and Internet connection, it is usually found through a Facebook application and designed by Zynga. In the beginning, a player will create an avatar and then receive six plots of land, two of which are already blooming and bearing some fully grown fruit and vegetables.

The object of the game is to rack up farm coins by selling the crops that you grow. The player plants seeds in their land crops and then must harvest the crops till they can sell them and earn farm coins. In addition animals can be purchased as well as trees, which are both harvested and then the player is granted points that are in regards to experience, gleaned from how much plowing and purchasing and planting and harvesting is done. When the player is more experienced, more items are unlocked for use and most are purchased with coins, but some can be traded for crops and things, too.

Usually the land costs about fifteen coins and seeds can range from ten to seven hundred, depending. Usually a player will try to expand their crops and buy more land so that they can include animals and other things such as trees and features that will help the farm grow. If the farm grows then the chance to have more farm coins increases as well as the amount of things that you can trade with, rises, as well. Plus, if you want to get this extra land, you will have to get neighbors in order to have more land. That means, you will have to invite your friends to come and play, as well, or else you will be unable to get more land with which to play. Once you do this, you will rise a level and you will have one hundred levels that are possible to rise through.

Because of the need for neighbors, this game relies on the networking groups and social interaction, because one cannot go far in the game if they do not have other people to trade with and begin make dealings with. Once that is in effect, a competition of sorts can even begin as people try to have the most developed farms. There are gifts you can send to each other, as well, such as animals and plants and various decorative items and when people become friends with each other, these gifts can be sent. Or you can send these to people who are friends on Facebook but are not FarmVille members, yet, as a way to entice them to join.

Also, when people pass level twenty or higher, then they can start co-op farming with other players and receive things like gold and silver and bronze medals to teams who have the most successfully developed farms. This encourages team work and partnerships, too, making it a very interactive game. Players compete to gain collections, too, ones that include gardening tools, or gemstones and insects, each containing some rare items that can really help with farm expansion.


Source by Roberto Sedycias

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