Best Cholesterol Treatment Alternatives to Keep Your Heart Healthy

High cholesterol levels can cause a multitude of serious health issues. In the search for the most effective solutions, some people opt for cholesterol treatment alternatives that can still provide good results, but without the adverse side effects often associated with prescription drugs.

One of the most popular medications being used to treat cholesterol is called statins. They are often prescribed by doctors and considered to be a potent at lowering cholesterol levels in the body. However, what most publications failed to disclose, is that statins can pose some dangerous risks to the body.

Without a doubt, statins can effectively help lower your cholesterol level. However, sometimes they work a little too well. There have been many instances where people’s cholesterol levels have been pushed down too low as the result of taking statins. This is not a cause for celebration, as healthy amount of cholesterols are still needed by the body to produce various useful hormones. Statins are also known to hinder the production of coenzyme Q10 – a powerful antioxidant that helps improve muscle function. So it’s not that they don’t work in lowering cholesterol levels, it isa matter of whether or not those levels can be regulated properly.

While controversy still surrounds the use of statins, some health experts believe that natural cholesterol treatment alternatives are just as effective. Combined with a healthy and balanced diet, they help maintain good cholesterol levels in the body. There are many types of cholesterols in your body, often classified by their density. The higher the level of density, the more beneficial it is for you. For example, since LDL and VLDL have low density particles – they are considered dangerous for the body; as they clog up artery walls and contribute to clots. On the other hand, there are cholesterols that have high density particles, such as the HDL. They actually help manage blood cholesterol levels efficiently and dispose of excess cholesterol from your body through solid waste.

While statins work effectively in lowering cholesterol, as mentioned above, they do carry many label warnings that are serious. These side effects have made natural supplements preferable among health practitioners, as they contain beneficial ingredients such as policosanol, pumpkin seeds oil, lecithin oil, niacin and phytosterols. These alternative natural remedies are worth considering as they are not only effective, but also safe. And can help you regulate the cholesterol in your body and keep it at a healthy level.

Unfortunately, most people do not known which diet supplements to take to keep their heart, arteries and body in good shape. My independent research has discovered that the best cholesterol treatment alternatives should contain all of the essential nutrients like policosanol, pumpkin seeds oil, lecithin oil, niacin and phytosterols in a balanced formula. Most only usually only contain one or two of the essential cholesterol fighters that you need. But there is one natural supplement that contains them all in the exact quantities you body needs to fight bad cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. Visit my website for more information on the best cholesterol treatment alternatives.

Source by John L. Johnson

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