BigHippo – All in One Magento Product Importer


BigHippo – All in One Magento Importer is a Magento extension to import products and update attributes (i.g.: price, stocks, images, gallery images…) locally or through a remote FTP system.

– Import products from a FTP server (including images).
– Update prices and stock from a FTP server.
– Import products improving Magento DataFlow, CSV format.
– Designed for cron jobs, listenting to a folder (locally or FTP), run when a file appears.
– Fully debug reporting during importing (missing pictures, missing attributes…)
– Debug reporting during importation sends by email to different recipients automatically.
– Import additional pictures to product (gallery images).
– Mark as exclude the main picture after importing. (Main picture won’t show as additional).
– Every import updates images, don’t add more.
– Categories are specify by name (not using IDs). If not exists, it will be created.
– Every import uses the SKU attribute, if the product exists then it will update attributes.
– All processed files will be kept.
– Files are processed to clean UTF-8 BOM format.
– Product image sources can be specified from external http web. (i.g.:
– Configurable products supported.
– Multiple configurable-simple products association supported.
– Missing attribute values are creating on the fly.
– Tier prices support. Specify the customer group name, quantity and price.
– Ability to select field separator from comma, semicolo, tab, pipe and colon.
– Customize import prices with decimal mark comma or point.
– Group prices support. Spcify the group_price column and the group name. Check CSV sample file.

Check the latest documentation at

Check sample CSV files at

Installation and demos at

FTP import demo at


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