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We are no longer surprised at people who appeared to talk to themselves, thanks to the Bluetooth technology that has enabled us to use our cell phones and headsets without wires. Nowadays, these Bluetooth headphones are one of the latest obsessions in the world of multimedia. They are much like the cell phone earpiece and allow you the freedom to move around without trouble of remaining attached to the music source. Furthermore, you can also connect these sets to your computer, TV, home stereo, MP3 player, cell phone, DVD/ CD player, or to any other apparatus, which is supported by the stereo audio.

Just like you computer, these headphones also have wireless streaming ability from the media sources. In addition, they do not compromise with the high digital quality. However, their uniqueness lies in the convenience that they give you.

Benefits of Bluetooth headphones:

Most of us love to hear music while doing regular workouts. Despite being wireless, these headphones provide exceptional sound quality and can easily be compared to hi-fi digital CD quality sound. In fact, these Bluetooth headphones are also very good for your cell phone. You can listen to your favorite songs and can switch from the music to answer your phone calls. Moreover, after you are finished with you call, you can immediately switch back to resume the music, which is waiting in the same position you were listening to.

Different types of Bluetooth headphones:

Considering its popularity, several brands have launched Blue tooth headphones in the market for you to choose from.

o Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headset: This particular wireless headset fall into the lower price range and you can use them for your cell phones, music players, PCs and other Bluetooth devices. The music player controls on right speaker, whereas the phone controls on left speaker. It also includes AC power supply and mini USB jack for charging from PC. It has Bluetooth 1.2 that supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles.

o Sony Ericsson DS970 HBH-DS970 Bluetooth Stereo Headset: It turns your cell phone into a true music player. The display of this headset also reveals name and number of the incoming calls. With the multipoint function it offers access to your entire library of music files on your PDA, computer, or other Bluetooth devices.

o Motorola Bluetooth Active Headphones S9: This is a lightweight, sleek and behind-the-head style headphone that has compact 1.3 cm speakers to provide comfort and a cozy fit in the ear. You can fit it to any compatible Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

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