Bomb Friends Starter Kit


With this Starter Kit you can develop a Bomber Friends game style.

– AdMob suport
– Touch controls for mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets).
– Home Game (Splash screen)
– Selection Screen levels
– Save game automatic
– Game Over Screen
– A.i enemies
– Made 17 levels (can do as many as you want).
– Guide instructions
– Files: capx, all images e sounds (PNG sprites)

– Export for Android, iOS, CocoonJS, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Amazon Appstore, Intel AGI, Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace, PhoneGap, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, Open Web App, Kongregate, Ejects, HTML5 website.

Minimum requirements:
Construct 2 r200 Free

Any questions please leave a comment or contact me!


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