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The Bible is said to the bestselling book of all time with estimated figures of a whooping 6 billion prints to date. Doubtfully, if there is any other book that can ever surpass that. Truth is, the advent of book printing has dated back in history through the lives of what we read about today in the ancient scripts.

New York City: known through the world for reviewing books and endorsing books with captions like "New York Times Bestseller" pays tribute to the magic that makes so many NY settlers bookworms. You can find people reading books everywhere, from kiosks to buses and trains. New Yorkers are known throughout the world as having so much passion in reading books.

There is something about books that make this hand stuff come handy to a lot of people. While the trend of reading through eBooks and PDF files in the computers have significantly risen, there are still those who find pleasure in tapping the pages of this age-old marvel.

The magic of books is not only true to the adult bookworms. Some of the young ones already expressed interest in books by flipping through pages even at dismal ages. They sort of just play through them and a mother can really find such joy as little ones get so much happiness from such exercise. Could it be that even before children get their senses, they already have this innate connection with books? I begin to wonder so I started to ask around and sit with mothers. Gladly, they said one common thing. It is actually the mothers that established such connection early on they always love the idea of ​​smart kids. The direct impact of youngsters having this predisposition to be connected to books are actually the significant others around the young one.

While this innate connection is under threat due to the recent technological advances of the computer and the internet, books still deliver efficiently the very purpose they were bound for. Knowledge is power, and with that, books that deliver knowledge is a bridge that connotes those that love knowledge and the power that comes along with it.

The magic that brings have might be strong enough for it to end this long. The first recorded manuscripts ever written would have to be the first five books of the Hebrew torah. What's amazing is that even through all the length of time since that first time when those books were first written, they have never lost their luster. Today, the magic of books is still very much alive as the world finds the greatest guidance, inspiration and hope from the pages of the world's oldest — the Bible.


Source by Greg Pierce

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