Boom Gallery jQuery Plugin



In the gallery below is the configurator, because you can do everything (really).


If you decide to buy my item, please let a vote, so I know if is good or bad.

Thanks to all.

Mr. J


Boom Gallery – split, explode, animate, implode, text and kenBurns.

If you don’t try you don’t know


  • You can set everything (really)
  • jQuery Plugin
  • Browser auto compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Setup effects with JSON
  • Create your custom effects
  • Setup all you want
  • Vimeo compatibility
  • YouTube compatibility
  • Video Flash or HTML5 automatic (it know browser)
  • Multiple Istance
  • jQuery Conflict free plugin
  • 3 X 1 you buy 1 and have: gallery, banner and form


1. Set the head code

2. Set the slide images

3. Set your effects


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