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Bottle provide a new way to handle your files it works like clouds (box,..) but all your files will stored in your host. simply you can upload some files and set access to only you blog users and bottle automatically create front download page (like another cloud services) with login form to allow only users to download .also you can password protect files or allow subscribers to download or allow both users and subscribers or allow all visitors or make download page hidden .

Live Demonstration :

This is simplified overview of bottle main function :

Notice :you will not have to copy download page link in complete version .there is TinyMCE button to select and files you needed and link automatically inserted . this feature is disabled in demo

Also You can check Video Preview

Main Features :

Bottle Backend and front download page

Bottle has modern UI and visualize most of its data .Enhanced With JQuery and has responsive front download page with 58 custom backgrounds and one child theme with inline documentation to create your theme .front download page show login form if download only for blog users .also it shows email form if visitors need to subscribe to download .

Downloads Statistics

bottle track downloads statistics for current year and also size of all overall files size uploaded to you host and backup size


bottle can replace your cloud storage account ,it arrange your files and store it in your host ,create backups,set access permissions.

  • you can upload multiply files through browser or ftp client and bottle will show files separated in download page .
  • you can choose who can download there files (visitors or users or subscribers or users & subscribers or hidden )
  • you can set time period .files will available for download and then downloads stop
  • you can set maximum downloads for these files .when reached downloads stop
  • these files has its own statistics board to track downloads
  • also these files has lists board to allow and deny access to download page from definite users and subscribers and ips
  • bottle can compress these files so clients will not have to download files separated
  • bottle can compress files and store in backup directory (you can take copy and store on your laptop)
  • Downloads processed through front download page ,not direct links .
  • Files extremely secured .
  • No one can know the real names of files in your host .


since bottle users subscribers as access privilege (more simpler assume you set download access to subscribers and you don’t have subscribers) .with bottle you can force you clients to subscribe to download .

  • you can set download limit for subscribers for example(you set download limit for of 6 then i can access to download pages 6 times and then i disabled from download)
  • bottle track downloads for each subscriber
  • bottle can verify emails
  • bottle also can put new subscribers under moderation and you only can verify them and allow them to access download pages
  • bottle can send notification emails to notify you subscribers that can download
  • Cron jobs to delete pending emails
  • Bottle can also integrated with another subscriptions plugin .


you can also give bottle your adsense advretisements code or another advertisements service and it automatically show these advertisements in front download page .

Other Features

Files Included :

Translations :

Help translating the plugin or add your language in the next update!
If You interested in Translating Bottle. You Can join translators on poeditor. Thanks so much ..!


Changelog :

Version 1.1

  • Bug Resolved related to IP Detection.
  • German Language added.

Support :

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of Bottle help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form or visit .Thanks so much!

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