buy robot in cheapest price

               buy robot in cheapest price

1. humanoid robot


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for home robots

services robots

factory robots

business robots

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animal robots

spaceship robots

special robots

time travel robots



  1. type of robot
  2. 1.Stationary Robots


    1.1 Cartesian/Gantry Robots
    1.2 Cylindrical Robots
    1.3 Spherical Robots
    1.4 SCARA Robots
    1.5 Robotic Arms – (Articulated Robots )
    1.6 Parallel Robots

  4. 2.Wheleed Robots

  5. Single Wheel (Ball) Robots
    2.2 Two-Wheeled Robots
    2.3 Three Wheeled Robots
    2.4.Four Wheeled Robots
    2.5.Multi Wheeled Robots
    2.6.Tracked Robots

     Legged Robots

ne Legged Robots
3.2.Two Legged – Bipedal Robots (Humanoids)
3.3.Three Legged – Tripedal Robots
3.4.Four Legged – Quadrupedal Robots
3.5.Six Legged Robots (6 Legged Hexapod)
3.6 Robots With Many Legs

4.Swimming Robots – Robot Fish

Rolling Robotic Balls (Mobile Spherical Robots)

.Swarm Robots

Modular Robots

Micro Robots

Nano Robots

Soft Elastic Robots

Crawler Robots
15.Hybrid Robots

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