Buying a Netbook Computer


If you are buying a netbook, there are some things you are going to want to consider. Computers are outdated within months of buying them, so you do not want to put yourself to much behind the curve. First of all you'll need to take a look at CPU speed. Netbooks generally range from 1.3 GHz to 1.7GHz. I personally suggest going with a higher CPU speed that will meet the demands of technology for the near future. Try to purchase a netbook that is at least 1.6GHz. Another thing to consider when buying a netbook is the RAM. When you do not have enough RAM your computer has to take more time to process due to the fact that it runs out of memory storage as it works. So it's very important to obtain a higher amount of RAM when you purchase your netbook. Typically netbooks have 1GB or 2GB of RAM. I highly suggest you consider 2GB of RAM when buying a netbook.

As far as hard drive space is concerned this is an area I feel you can skimp a little when buying a netbook. Typically netbooks range from 160GB to 320GB in hard drive space. While most people may not need 320GB of hard drive space it is quite nice not having to worry about running out of disk space. But 320GB may not be worth it for the cost. So I feel 250GB is sufficient for most people. Not to mention, if needed, you can always purchase an external hard drive for extra storage.

Battery life is extremely important for netbook use. After all it is one of the main reasons of owning a netbook in the first place. Netbooks range anywhere from about 3 hours to well over 10 hours. All I can say the more hours the better. This is very important when buying a netbook. Just make sure you check the battery life. There are cheap deals on netbooks, but just be aware of what you are gettingtiing before buying a netbook.


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