C Piano
IOS 8 (iPhone 6) Ready beautiful piano app.
C piano is a typical piano app with real key notes and sound. You can play it like you are playing a real piano with your fingers. Each key is with different colour , You can easily check where you exactly touched the key.
We are offering each key with his name. So you can easily get to know the key sound if you have the knowledge of piano keys.

C Piano is a simple and well designed universal piano application. C Piano is a light weight application with the all piano features.
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Features and Requirements

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App Monetization and Advertising

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Top Ad networks included
• Revmob
• Chartboost
• Admob
• Startapp

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How to Setup and Reskin

Now the question is how easy to reskin this app ?
Well, You will automatically get idea after download that how easy to reskin C piano app. Because you just need to replace app icon and splash screen , You are ready to upload your own app on appstore.
So what are you waiting for ?

All the ad networks methods and delegates are declared in the AppDelegate.h

– (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions

Replace ad network keys and you are ready for App Monetization

You can replace other assets like images and sound files. All files are added inside the folder name Resource

Resource—-> Buttons (all buttons images)

Resource-> Keyimages (Piano black and white keys)

Resource > pianoAudio (Here you can find the audio files).

You can leave message anytime if you are facing any sort of difficulties while editing app. I will be happy to help you in reskin the app.

We also deal in reskin apps, If you want to reskin your any app you can contact me anytime.


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