C2 Realistic Dices with a Free Game


C2 Realistic Dices with a Free Game

A realistic dice rolling for C2 engine and HTML5 in general.
Enhance your game’s visual appeal with these animated toys that offers a visually fun and interesting way for a gambling theme, or for a lucky illustration piece.

It comes in more than 10 variants!

All dices have a different themed textures colors that can be adjusted to any speed whatever is required and whenever needed. Suitable for any type of board game, for an online casino, RPG game or any probabilistic number game including casual games.

Click on dice to roll it. Its face value will be randomly chosen and is stored in respective global variable which you can use for your game logic with sound effect.

Example game code for construct 2 is included & commented.

play online at scirra arcade here


I have translated this version from my own android native code, that I wrote few year ago, to HTML5 Platform for more usefulness, and have added new dices with improved texture and animation.


How to Play example game : Dicey 100

Goal : Make fastest first 100.

Rule1: Bonus on 6 points.

Rule1: Opponent lose same points on same outcome.


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