Cafe World on Facebook – Dazzle Your Diners With a Huge Cafe World Menu


There is no loss of options when planning what to add to your menu in Cafe World. Advancing in the game allows you to unlock even more options of delicious entrees to add to your menu.

You may start out adding dishes qualified to your personal taste when choosing one item or another. But if you want to be successful in this business you have to better analyze which items will serve your cafe best to move up quicker in the game.

Tips To Help You Better Plan Your Schedule

– Know what time you're going to get back to transfer your prepared entrees from the stove to the serving counters. Being able to get back and serve your entrees in time is important so make sure it's a time that is good for you when choosing what to cook.

Food that sits on the stove for too much time will spoil & is something we need to avoid. You will not be able to serve this food but you are going to have to wait longer to replenish your serving counters again as well as losing all the money you spent on the ingredients. Also you will have to pay a small sum that will begin to add up quickly when you are losing money on your food to have it cleaned up.

– Another tip is to consider is how many servings each dish will create each time you prepare it. One reason this is important so you have enough food to last until you return to your cafe and refill the serving counters. If you time this right you can be making money all day and night which is what you really want is not it?

– The other tip I wish I knew because it messed me up a few times in the beginning is because you will need to have space on your serving counter when you're taking a new dish off the stove. If you are just bringing out a dish you are already serving you can add it to what is left of the old and no new counter space is needed.

When it is a brand new entree you are adding and it is coming off the stove, you will need to have an empty spot on the counter for it. This is a simple part of the menu preparation and planning process that gets overlooked as you get too caught up in making money in your cafe that gets overlooked.

In all if you have fresh entrees coming out it can lead to spoiled food if there is somewhere to put it.

– Equally important while making your diners happy is to keep in mind how much you will make per entree each time a customer purchases it. Choosing dishes that will maximize this number will give you the best return per hour. This will also give you the most out of each customer who enters your cafe which should be the goal of any business owner anyhow.


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