Campusly – Go to the events you love with your friends on campus


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Campusly knowledge Base

Campusly – is a fun app that helps you create & attend hangouts, parties, tutorials and events with friends on your campus.

With Campusly, no outsiders! only hangout with your circle of friends and those you approve.. Create hangouts, upload hangout images and share on popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Thinking of going to the beach, seeing a movie, attending a tutorial or reading for exams? Do it on the go with Campusly!


  1. Clean Mobile Interface

    Built with Bootstrap 3 and Laravel 5, Campusly gives you a clean and easy to use interface that is responsive on all mobile screens.

  2. Social Integration

    Social login/register buttons, social share buttons to easily invite friends on popular social networks.

  3. User Module

    Ability for users to easily create hangouts, accept or decline hangout request, get pop-up hangout notifications, share and invite people to their hangout using social networks, See profile of those attending their hangouts and many more.

  4. Admin Module

    Easily customize Campusly to soothe your campus/college – gain insight to schools where your hangout app is being used, Add/remove a school, department or users, add hangout types, and many more.


  • PHP >= 5.5
  • Mcrypt PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

See Demo here

Campusly in Action

A view of Admin Dashboard – to manage all users

A view of Admin Dashboard – to manage all schools

A view of Admin Dashboard – to manage the departnments in a school

A view of Admin Dashboard – to manage all hangouts


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