Can You Really Be Successful Working From Home?


You’ve probably felt the crunch of the current economy. Companies are downsizing & jobs are getting more scarce day by day. It’s definitely not the reality we want to see, but one that we need to see. As our economy flounders, the internet becomes more of a logical choice for business opportunities than standing in the unemployment line. It IS the World Wide Web & you’d think there’d be a lot more traffic looking for the same things you are & jobs being one of them. Yes, there are a lot of online companies that offer a lot of big money, but can they back up what they say?

The logic behind these entities is quite simple. To make money, but for whom? Truth is they’re in business for themselves. If you believe a company isn’t after your money, you have a lot to learn. That’s the entire premise of their endeavor. You join their club & they benefit from your benefits. But how can you tell a legitimate company from the cons? Even though there’s a lot of rip-off scams out there, there are a handful that aren’t out to rip you off. There’s a few easy ways to tell how legit a company is before you decide to join.

The easiest way to tell if a company is going to rip you off is whether they offer a money back guarantee. Some offer 7 days. Some offer 30 days & some don’t offer one at all. If they don’t offer any more than a 30 day guarantee, you need to keep looking. Think about it. If a company’s out to rip someone off, they’re not offering that guarantee because they want to get your money & run before you can decide to not stay with them any longer. Once you commit, they’ve got you where they want you. With a company that gives you a substantial day guarantee, you have more time to really learn how to make money & whether or not what you’ve chosen is really right for you. If you find any place that offers 60 days or more, you’ve found a winner!

Another thing to think about is the admittance fee. All online companies charge one, but believe it or not, you can tell a legitimate from a scam by how much they charge. Over the years, the online marketing community has been riddled with likes of what’s commonly known as “tire kickers”. These are the people that join a company with the “get rich quick” mentality & as soon as they don’t see immediate results or don’t make what they think is enough, they quit. Most of the time they either move on to another online company or they dismiss the online business altogether. These types are killing the legitimacy of honest online businesses. That is precisely why successful, legitimate companies charge a higher admittance fee. These “tire kickers” are notorious for joining companies that don’t charge a higher fee because they think it’s lesser of a financial risk. Not True! The successful businesses charge more to keep people who aren’t serious about making money OUT! They wouldn’t be successful if all the people working for them jumped ship at the 1st sign of turbulence. That’s why some of them have been in business for so long. They weed out trouble-makers before they have a chance to tarnish their reputation.

Training is another issue. Most of us know either nothing or next to nothing about online marketing. You need proper training tools to make money. Plain & simple. If you don’t have these tools YOU WILL FAIL! Most of the “cheaper” online businesses charge less to join because they teach you less. You pretty much get what you pay for with those companies… NOTHING! A good online business will show you step-by-step how their system works, so they can better guide you before you implement it. Some even go as far as to give free tutorials you can use before you even join. If they are willing to give up this information for free before you join, imagine what they can teach you after you join. Of course, the more they teach the better. Remember, your success is their success, so they’re going to give you every tool they can to insure your chances. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t be where they are today!

Hopefully, you can take the information from this article to use through your trials & tribulations during your online business quest. There ARE businesses out there that want to see you make money, but you have to be wise when you choose. It could cost you in the long run.


Source by Randall Jackman

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