Canon A1400 Point & Shoot Camera(Black)

The Canon Powershot camera is a great device for beginners and intermediates. They can be used as backup cameras by professionals during emergency situations as they are easy to operate and require very little time to set up. Sensor Technology This camera is equipped with a powerful 16.0 MP sensor that can be used for high quality photography and even in low light conditions. Lens Arrangement This camera is equipped with a 28 mm wide lens with an optical zoom of 5 X. The use of optical zoom in place of the digital zoom is wiser as it does not adversely affect the quality of the image. Display Technology This camera is also equipped with a 2.7 inch LCD as well as an optical viewfinder. Photography enthusiasts can use the optical viewfinder for taking photos as they will be more comfortable with that. Beginners will be able to use the LCD as an effective viewfinder as it will also serve as a preview to the picture that will be clicked. Extra Features with Smart Auto The camera also comes with the Smart Auto mode which chooses the best settings automatically based on the lighting conditions around the subject in focus. In case you want to get a little adventurous, there is also a help button that pulls up the necessary assistance required, to navigate the controls. HD Movie Recording This camera by Canon is capable of taking HD video recordings at 720 p resolution. The camera is also incorporated with a movie button that will take you to the recording window instantly. Other Important Features Some of the extra features that can be found in the camera is the Digital IS and Eco Mode. Using the Eco Mode will allow you to take more photographs for the same battery level as compared to without engaging the mode. Face Detection With the use of face detection the camera is able to zero in on the faces of subjects and make the appropriate corrections. Creative� Modes This camera is also equipped with a host of different Creative Modes that can be used to spruce up the image taken even after the shutter has engaged and clicked the picture.

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