Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera (Body only)(Black)

The Canon EOS 6D is the perfect accessory for the creative photographer hidden inside you. This tool can enhance your creative skills and provide you with new vision in terms of professional and creative photography. Sensor Technology This camera is equipped with a powerful 20.2 MP CMOS sensor that is more than capable of shooting high quality images along a wide range of lighting conditions. This sensor is well adapted for bright conditions as well as dark environments. With the right ISO setting, you can take pictures even in low light conditions. Continuous Shooting You can use the Canon EOS 6D SLR camera for some high speed photography as well. This will come in handy for sports based shooting as well as for taking pictures of objects in motion. The high speed photo setting will allow you to take pictures at the rate of 8 FPS so that you do not need to miss out on your favorite moments. ISO Sensitivity Settings This camera is capable of a wide range of ISO settings that can be used for photographing images in varying levels of brightness. The usual ISO range in cameras start from a hundred and can go up to a thousand six hundred though on the Canon 6D, you can go up to 25,600 and further to ISO 102,400 as well. Display Technology This camera is equipped with a high quality 3 inch LCD screen with Clear View technology. This allows you to preview your images after you have clicked them accurately so that you can gauge your quality before settling on a decision to retain the image or re-shoot the subject. 11-point AF sensitive down to -3EV The 11-point AF sensitive down to -3 EV lets you have more control over your photos as it allows for individual focus points for a more creative shot. With the right lens to support it, you can even go in for perspective shots and depth of field photos that have more creativity in them. GPS records your location Geo-Tagging is a feature that is commonly seen in smartphones thanks to the in-built GPS system that they come with. This feature is available on the Canon Camera thanks to GPS that is built into it as well. Other Features You have WiFi support to transfer files, DIGIC 5+ Image Processing, HDR or High Dynamic Range mode for better contrast in image captures and Multiple Exposure Settings as well.

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