Carousel Mojo – Turn Content into Beautiful Carousel


Carousel Mojo lets you turn your contents, posts, products into a beautiful and responsive carousel in your WordPress site. We have done all the heavy lifting for you! It’s time to beautify your contents with Carousel Mojo.

– Showcase your services / features of your website or product

– Showcase the latest updates in your blog

– Showcase your featured products, best selling products, top rated products.

– Create your own custom playlist of Videos

– Showcase your testimonials

– Showcase your portfolio

– Showcase team members

– and many more…

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use this plugin with Layers powered themes?

Yes you can. This plugin is fully compatible with Layers powered themes, and It comes with three Layers widget that allows you to insert carousel mojo into your Layers powered site easily.

2. Is this plugin only works with Layers powered themes?

Initially, this plugin is built for Layers theme only. However, even since the version 1.1 update, I’ve added shortcode builder into the plugin that makes carousel mojo works with any other WordPress themes.

3. I don’t have / want to use Layers theme, can I still use this plugin with other WordPress themes?

Yes you can. This plugin comes with shortcode builder that would allows you to insert carousel mojo into your WordPress site easily – regardless of whether you’re using Layers theme, or any other WordPress themes.


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