Choosing Jogging Strollers


So you have decided to buy a jogging stroller. No doubt, you are overwhelmed by the immense choices that are available. When I first looked buying our initial daytime stroller, I could not get over how many different brands and models were out there. It's the same with jogging strollers. There are so many it can be difficult to choose. Let me layout some criteria to think about.

How Many Kids?

Just One – Most strollers will hold at least 50 pounds, some even more. Odds are by the time your child is 50 pounds, you may not want to push him or her anymore. But if you do and they are keen to come along, most any single stroller can handle it. The truth is they can probably handle up to almost 70 pounds.

Two Or More – When we had our second child, we knew we would probably have a third. But I also figured, as it turns out correctly, that by the time the youngest wanted to come jogging, the oldest would not want to anymore. So we went with a double. They can typically hold up to about 125 pounds, so this is a safe for a 6 month and 4 year old for example. That's fairly typical of the age of children I have in my double.

Main Features

Stability and Control – to maintain your control of your jogging stroller you will need to think about a couple things. One is a handbrake. Yes, a handbrake. When you are picking up speed heading down an incline, you will find out very quickly how much your kids and that stroller really way. But further to that, if you do not have a handbrake to slow it down, you will destroy your running form and potentially strain a muscle. That's no fun.

Kids Comfort – The other main feature to concern yourself with is your passengers comfort! It does not have to be a luxury liner, but your kids should be perched atop high wheels attached to a suspension system. Some shock absorption will keep them comfortable, but it will also keep you comfortable. You do not want every bump being delivered up into your wrists, that's not pleasant.

The Weather – Keep in mind you want to keep the sun off of the tops of your kids and out of their eyes. The best and easiest way to achieve this is by having a canopy that's adjustable on board your stroller. This way, you can push it down in front of their eyes when you turn a corner and are jogging into the sun.

Decisions, Decisions

The best way to decide is to set your price point, then go see what you can find. Go out and research the strollers you think you will like. Once you have decided, go online and get it for the best price. Good luck!


Source by Gerard J Murray

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