Choosing the Ideal Laptop For Your Work!

Laptop computers are basically an alternative to desktop computers. They have larger screens, are more powerful, have faster processors and are portable. The best thing about any laptop is this portability element. You can carry it anywhere; it is just like a walking desktop computer. Smaller versions of laptops are the notebooks and they are easier to carry around. Today there are many laptops available in the market and you will have to be precise in exactly what you want.

If you can do without the newest cutting edge techies then do away with them. They are an added jargon if you are not going to use them. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will not have a choice of getting the parts you want. Unlike a desktop computer, laptops are compact and have only those things which the manufacturer is willing to supply you. Therefore it is a rule that when you buy a laptop, get one from a branded company. This will ensure that the parts inside are not fake or of poor quality. Usually every brand has different laptops depending on the combination of the processor speed and RAM. It is best to select you processor size and then see which other options you want. Intel processors are the best in this regard and you must get Intel for your laptop.

1. Pricing for this will be around and above of twelve hundred dollars and be ready to spend more. Moving on to the screen size, you will have to choose that for yourself. It depends on how much strain your eyes can take; anything lower than a fifteen inch screen is not recommended. Get a 1GB memory as it will be the best to run everything from Windows Vista to Windows XP. You can go for a RAM of lower size but your laptop will become incredibly slow and these basics will help make it work faster. The hard drive is another issue that you should look at. If your work requires you to store a lot of data then a big hard drive is a necessity.

However, if your work is mostly internet based with not much physical storing of data involved then a lower hard disk will be fine. But make sure that it is a minimum of 40GB to start with. Other than this DVD’s will do all the other storage.

2. Another must have is a DVD writer. Your work may not involve writing much stuff but you might require writing at some point and then not having a writer will cost you much pain. So get a writer, even if additional cost is involved, and say thanks to you. Other accessories like a Bluetooth port or a wireless port is worth having. If you need them for your work then get them otherwise keep them, you can use them at any time. But, your laptop will surely cost a minimum of thousand dollars if you want a decent one. Laptops are available for six hundred dollars also but they will not be so great and so efficient. However it is entirely dependent on the type of work you are going to do in it. So, keeping these considerations in mind get the laptop which suits your work and purpose.

Special things at laptops

Laptops have the same components as desktop computers, we only need to look after some components:

– Battery

If you go on the road where is no electricity you need a good battery so that your laptop will work without it.

– Modem, PC-CARD, web card

You need at least one of this components so your computer can be connected to the internet.

– Weight

If you are planning to carry your laptop around in a backpack you should look after the weight of the laptop.

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