Clothing – Complete Ionic app for e-commerce shop


This Clothing app has all the feature of e-commerce shop needs to sell there item online. app developer with ionic 3 and angular . It’s comes with all the service and business logic written . You are free to use your own backend or get our nodeJS backend. You are developers who are challenged to develop store mobile application in shorter time it’s best starter app to get started. We are committed to keep adding new feature and enhance app and keep updating to latest ionic.

Web application:

Buy Web application:

NodeJS + Angular Backend Dashboard




Note :

This is our first release so if you found any issue or wanted some new feature get in touch by email and we get back
to you ASAP ( Please include app name in Email subject ) .

Email to
Visit our official website:

Please Follow below command:

#Install Latest Ionic Framework
$ npm install -g ionic@latest

#Browse the App
Navigate to project directory

#Install package.json dependencies
$ npm install

#Test your app on multiple screen sizes and platform types by starting a local development server
$ ionic serve
$ ionic serve --lab

#Build iOS ( you need Xcode to make IOS build )
$ ionic cordova platform add ios
$ ionic cordova build ios --prod --aot

#Build Android
$ ionic cordova platform add android ( Make sure android studio and there SDK install correctly)
$ ionic cordova build android --prod --aot

#Deploying/Running on emulator
$ ionic cordova run android --prod



# RELEASE 1.2.0 - ( 13th April 2018 )
 - Tickets/Chat with admin created.
 - Blog added.
 - UI improved. 
 - Some minor bug fix.

# RELEASE 1.1.0 - ( 6th Dec 2017 )
 - Language support ( RTL ) 
 - Ionic version update. 
 - Angular version update from 4 to 5 .
 - Some minor bug fix.

# RELEASE 1.0.0 - ( 9th Nov 2017 )
 - Initial Release.



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