CMSLogik Gallery Plugin


CMSLogik Gallery Plugin

The CMSLogik Gallery Plugin is a very easy way to build a simple portfolio, or a full featured showcase of your products. This plugin easily integrates into CMSLogik to provide you with an easy way to showcase your work.

Live Demo

The live demo is available here.

The admin demo is available if you login to the admin backend, see the homepage for more information.

Main Features

  • Home Page – A beautiful slider with full control in the admin backend is the first thing you will notice. It helps bring attention to anything you like. An AJAX powered sortable, responsive, and masonry style layout will allow your work and products to stand out the way they should.
  • Single Item Page – Your users will be able to like, comment, and share your items through many social media channels on each items page. You are in full control over what information is displayed, as it can easily be turned on/off through the admin panel. Finally your visitors can click on your image, and see it up close and personal in a clean and sleek lightbox.
  • Tagging – Tags work just like filters and categories. You can easily assign images to any amount of tags, and your users will be able to filter your content by them on the homepage.
  • Powerful Controls – When it comes to control, you have many options. There are 3 setting pages, which allow you to manage general, tags, and slider settings. All done beautifully with AJAX which saves you time with inline editing, without the hassle of page refreshing.
  • Easy Item Control – The admin panel also allows you to fully manage your content on a per item basis. You can easily update any information, or change the tags for that item.
  • Modern Design – Your users will enjoy the modern look and effects as they browse through your gallery. Clean hover effects and layout adoptions allow for an interesting experience for the end user.

Support & Documentation

Support – You can easily get help by contacting us through a contact form located here.

Documentation – Documentation is available directly on the demo page, as well as in your download.



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