Complete App Based Cab Booking Business Solution


Taxi Booking Android App with PHP Admin – Complete Solution Studio Version

Mobile App that helps Passengers to book cabs, travel and pay anywhere anytime Mobile app for drivers to accept trip request, pick, travel and get paid – Web based Admin Panel to manage taxi, drivers and assign base rates for trips.

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Key Benefits

  • Single app for Driver and Passenger registration and log-in
  • No extra hardware, No extra equipment.
  • Cab reach time & status updates.
  • Auto dispatch of taxi request to nearest driver.
  • Automatic route calculation.
  • Automatic fare estimation based on fare rates.
  • In-app notifications to passengers and drivers.
  • 3 types of cabs category can be registered.
  • Admin Back-end Driver Management & Passenger Management
  • User friendly admin panels.
  • Track daily rides.
  • Share functionality – Share on G+
  • Coupon Codes for discounts
  • Paypal Integration for payments
  • Customizable – Full Source Code
  • Integrate additional payment gateway
  • Booking on future dates for rides

Admin Features

  • Manage cab. there can be three types of cabs.
  • Manage Cab services (Multiple) and add rates for these cab types. tariff per hour and tariff per KM, waiting charges per 10 minutes and images. when driver will register, he will be required to select from these services and admin controlled rate card will be assigned to him.
  • Manage Drivers.
  • Manage Passengers
  • Driver & Passenger – Rides Logs
  • Discount Coupon Management
  • Frontend Web Pages CMS

Cab Driver Features

  • Booking requests notification
  • Can set status – Availability or Unavailable
  • Automatic unavailable status after booking confirmation
  • Can call & confirm with passenger before booking a ride
  • Can set final fare based on waiting period and actual distance
  • Can check the Rides status & Balance

Passenger Features

  • Can choose from different cab services
  • Automatic current location update
  • Suggested Route, Estimated time to travel with fare.
  • Can confirm and book a ride after confirmation call from driver
  • Can book future rides
  • Cab reach time with driver details
  • Create and edit profile
  • Check past rides & set upcoming rides
  • Can check rate card from app itself
  • Share on G+


Download Demo APK here :

Admin Panel
Username: admin
Password: admin

BookYour Cab Demo Driver Details:
1. Login to the admin above
2. Create a Driver with your email ID and Cab No
3. Approve it from the admin
4. Set your Status as Available

BookYourCab Demo User Details:
1. Register the User from the Demo App
2. Select Pickup Location
3. Select Mandatory destination
4. Get the Route drawn
5. Get the Information of the nearest available driver

Download Full Screenshots -Driver & Passenger Classified here :

What You Get

  • Downloaded file includes full source Code for app and PHP Admin
  • Documentation to change the interface and settings of app
  • No Support Available for coding

Change Log

Version 1.0
Initial Release

Version 2.0
All Webservices are moved to ws folder for better management. and files clubbed for better management.
Change in query for update_payments
Profile images path corrected in admin
Error resolved for driver in Cab Money.
When driver registers, he will be inactive. Admin has to activate him and after that driver can login.
APP Updated for Latest Google Play API Library.
Exception Handling added for GOOGLE PLACES API so that app should not crash again and again.
"Unfortunately stop" error resolved in
Unable to Draw Route issue resolved
Resolved issue of "Unable to Exit" in exit dialog from both profile.
In some mobile phones there is problem of No location access so make changes in epb.helper 
In Profile - Upload Pic, After touch on menu icon "unfortunately stop" issue resolved
Problem in back press in some device resolved

Version 3.0
Imported the project to Android Studio
Removed a few bugs
Added feature to show cab availability to users on home screen
Used Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) in place of GCM for notifications 


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