Complete Power Of Change Carousel



Magento product carousel : Display(s) your product in a very awesome carousel style .
All params configuration is from admin and you can from drop down box showing :

Just New Products or Just Best Seller Products or Just Sales Products or Just Most Viewed Products
If you choose:
New Products From Specific Categories or Best Seller From Specific Categories or Products From Specific Categories or Most Viewed Products From Specific Categories or Specific Categories
You must go to categories tab and choose your prefer categories
If you choose:
Specific Products You need go to grid after save tab and choose your preferred products from unset link
from backend you can modify all params of carousel for example :
num items per translation or limit , orientation, loop and more …

other truck option product : show image show add to cart or no just with drop down.
you have too the categories tree and advanced option with color chooser

Video Demo and tutorial of Complete power pf change carousel


For install just upload powerofchange-1.0.0.tgz from magento connect manager and click install.
clear cache and logout login for refresh acl
all needed parameters for cloud zoom inside :
System->configuration->arabgento(tab) -> Responsive Carousel (enable=yes by default)


  • include in multi place cms or from layout
  • Just New Products
  • Just Best Seller Products
  • Just Sales Products
  • Just Most Viewed Products
  • New Products From Specific Categories
  • Best Seller From Specific Categories
  • Products From Specific Categories
  • Option responsive for multi devices
  • Color chooser for title and header
  • advanced css
  • Most Viewed Products From Specific Categories
  • Specific Categories
  • Specific Products
  • Orientation
  • Limit
  • Items Per Transition
  • Speed
  • Easing
  • Loop
  • Upload Image on next Btn
  • Upload Image on prev Btn
  • Pagination
  • Show Ttile of Block carousel
  • next Prev Actions
  • Whitespace
  • Auto Scroll
  • Pause
  • Continuous
  • Use Translate3d
  • Carousel Touch Axis
  • Cursor
  • Show Image
  • Show Name
  • Show Price
  • Show Add To Cart
  • Show WishList
  • Show Compare
  • Show Review


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