Computer Performance – How to Improve Computer Performance Easily by Removing Duplicate Files


We know that there are many ways to improve computer performance such as regularly run a virus scan, uninstall the unwanted programs, defragment the hard drive and so on. But here, we will discuss how to effectively improve computer speed by removing duplicate files.

First of all, let's learn together what will be caused by duplicate files and how they affect computer performance. Once there are large amount of these files on the computer, lots of hard disk space will be taken up, which stops us from successfully storing our favorite files on the computer. Furthermore, they are typically scattered and located in different hard disk, making the hard drive more and more fragmented. This will extend the disk visiting time and result in system freeze-ups, slowness and crashes. So it is needed to regularly remove file duplicate files (no matter in which format) to improve computer performance.

Normally, we can remove them by going to Start, Search, and then list all files with the same file names / extension. Once all files are listed, we can compare the files and delete the duplicate one manually. But to tell the truth, this will cost very long time and can not exactly solve the problem.

So to my own experience, the best way considered by most PC users to get rid of these files is to use a duplicate cleaners like Duplicate File Cleaner, which are very effective to remove file duplicate because of their advanced analysis technology. I have been using this program right now to effectively manage the files on my computer and was so impressed by its powerful functions in scanning and deleting duplicate files to always enjoy a clean and faster computer.


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