Conquering & Trivia Game Concept

ConQUIZtador presents a new concept of online trivia game where you have to conquer different territories of a country and prove that you are the best player.

You will start by responding to a series of quick questions where it is very important to be the closest player to the right answer and you also have to time the answer as quickly as possible. The player that answered correctly or had the closest answer to the right one is allowed to conquer 2 territories. The player placed second will chose only one territory. After the entire country map is conquered, a new step, called “War” begins. Now you have to try to “steal” your opponent’s territories. If you answer correctly at the question the territory becomes yours; if your answer is wrong then your opponent keeps his territory and wins points for having well defended. In case of a tie, a new quick question will appear. In the “War” mode, it is highly recommended to attack your opponent’s base because you can eliminate your opponent if you answer correctly to 3 consecutive questions.

In conclusion, I will not bore you with further details; you have understood the general idea of the game. There are lots of different types of questions and you can contribute yourselves by adding your own new questions.

Conquiztador offers you prizes in ancient gold or silver old coins, such as Napoleons.

This quiz game is entirely free, they offer an infinite number of games for every registered player.

Source by Lucian Iancu

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