Cordless Phones the Wireless Magic

The phones have become a necessary device in everyone’s life. The technological developments have resulted in invention of different types of phones. The traditional landline phones have been replaced by mobile and cordless phones which are easier to carry anywhere. The telephonic communication takes place through the handset and the base which use the radio waves. The Telecom Industry has developed very rapidly and the introduction of the wireless phone for household and business purposes has made the tasks easier.

The earlier home phones used to come with heavy wiring attached to the handset which did not allow you to talk freely while you are moving. The biggest disadvantage of these phones was that, you cannot make yourselves comfortable in the desirable positions while you are talking on these phones. You have to either stand or sit at the area where the land line phones are placed.

The cordless phones are the latest electronic telephones which are equipped with a wireless handset and a base unit. These wireless phones are supposed to be charged electronically for a desired period of time. You can also use the batteries to charge these phones. You need to charge these phones daily and you can simply place them in the cradle of the base unit to charge them.

The home phones have a poor audio quality of about 3.6 kHz whereby, you cannot improve beyond a particular limit. But, the telephone companies claim that, these wireless telephones give you more scope to hear properly due to the high audio frequency, which sometimes is not true. So, kindly ensure that, you fall for the false deals. The general range of these modern day phones is fixed up to 100 meters from the base unit. They come with exceptional features of data transferring, international roaming, cell handover, etc.

A major disadvantage of these analog phones is regarding the security which comes under scrutiny with people catching the signals to listen the conversations. You can use the modern digital technology of DSS, that is, the Digital Spread Spectrum which helps you to control the spreading of the signals to the radio scanners. This technology helps in making sense to the conversations only to the base units and the rest can only hear disturbed noises.

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