Creating Digital Photographs With Point of View


When you take a photo, most likely you take it from eye level. You put the camera up against your eye, look, and then take the shot. However, think of the difference from getting low and shooting up or shooting down on the subject. This article will give you some insight to using point of view effectively.

There are very useful reasons to use a different view point in your photos. They can be used to make mood changes, different emotional responses, or just different looking photos.

Low Angle Shots on People

Taking a shot of a person from a low angle and pointing up can be used to make a person look very powerful. It’s taking the perspective of a young child or small person looking up to a taller person. It will make the viewer feel as if the subject is looking down on them. This can create very different emotional responses than just taking a shot from eye level.

Low angle Shots on Buildings

Low angle shots taken at streets, in the city, etc can be made to give a cool sort of vibe. It will give a laid back mood and can also be used the same way as it is with people. If you go from a low angle shot and shoot the buildings from far away it gives a “relaxed” feeling. But if you shoot a building from below and you’re a few feet from the building then the building can look very tall and “massive”.

Shots from Above

Taking shots from a higher angle and pointing down can give feelings of power over the subject. The viewer will automatically get the feeling that the subject is not very strong and is weak. This is a good reason why many professionals take baby pictures slightly above eye level.


Source by Chris Hernandez

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