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Your Daily dose of inspiration is here!

My Daily Inspiration is a mobile application that allows you to make the life brighter and more comfortable! Users have the opportunity to share with their friends not only photos and videos, but also quotes by famous authors and tips, that are stored on the server for easy editing and performance improvements. The application is easy to use, has original design and user friendly interface.


1. Daily Quotes and Pieces of Advice

2. Photos & Videos

3. Latest Added Quotes Display

4. Share any Quote with your friends on Social Networks

5. Easy Admin Panel

6. Admob

How to create an ad unit

In strings.xml you need to change ad_mob_banner_unit_id to your app ID (from the Admob site).

You can find how to do it here:

The file can be found along the way:


We have updated our application(dailyinspiration 12.01)!

We fixed favorites settings on some devices.


If you want to fix the problem you should find universal image loader library and change version from 1.9.+ to 1.9.2 and build the app.


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