Daily To Do List Planner Reminder iOS App


This source code is an awesome App Template written in Objective-C for you to build your next outstanding productivity app. It includes 2 targets which can generate 2 apps Pro and Lite version, and both have the same codebase. It is very easy to maintain and reskin.

It’s a great solution for time management and planning, take control over specific goals, daily routine tasks, objectives and activities with countdown timer, especially to increase efficiency and productivity. The code can be used as to-do list app, organizer, planner and reminder app.

Using this new project you will submit your reskined app to the App Store a lot easier. Thanks of the Theme manager – is a class which allows easy to apply any theme to entire application by changing only a few lines of code, you can prepare your reskined app in just a few minutes. Using this App Template, you can submit your app to the App Store in less than 4 hours!

Check out the current version of the app in AppStore.

It’s already optimized for latest version of iOS.

Features and Requirements

  • Easy to understand and update
  • In-app purchases
  • One Code Source = 2 apps (Pro + Lite version)
  • Ad Integration (AppLovin)
  • Build in calendar
  • Statistics and user progress
  • Add / edit / delete tasks
  • Reminders include: title, priority, deadline, notes
  • Clear button remove all tasks from the app
  • Prioritization method of the tasks
  • Real time tracking of the daily tasks
  • A “BIG” countdown timer for tracking one main goal
  • Swipe gestures to add tasks and objectives
  • Local notifications with custom sounds and texts due deadline
  • The app keeps users active and make them to use the app daily
  • Runs on all iPhones models, support 64bit architecture
  • Xcode 8.x project
  • iOS 8/9.x/10.x – Objective-C – Storyboard
  • Nice modern User Interface
  • Rate Us button (rate the app on iTunes App Store)
  • Send feedback button: send an email to the developer (like a support link)
  • Full customization

How to Setup and Reskin
It’s very easy to reskin the app, most of the UI graphic elements are into Storyboard and Asset file. In order to reskin the project, you need to change the design of button images, icon and splash screen. Using Theme Manager you can change app theme only by adding new colors.

You can build Pro version with no Ads and Lite version with Ads and InApp purchase with just a couple of clicks. The code is very easy to maintain and to reskin.

The “Code Documentation.pdf” file included in the package explains how to change In App Purchase ID’s, change the app’s name and layout etc.


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