Decorating A Little Girl’s Bedroom That Will Grow With Her

Most little girls have a favorite color. One way to launch your decorating project is to have your little girl identify her favorite color and then pick paint or wallpaper for the walls, borders, bedding, curtains, and furniture all in that color.

And don’t worry now if her tastes change later (they always do). You can always help her do a little girl’s bedroom makeover someday later on. Wooden furniture, like bookshelves and desks, can easily be painted and repainted. Curtains and bedding can be changed.

Speaking of curtains and bedding, fabrics are an excellent way to add spice to an otherwise plain or even drab accessory. By adding a little frill to an object – a table, lamp, bed frame, etc. – you can give an old item a whole new personality.

You can do the same with borders and wall hangings. Pictures, posters, wall clocks and such can all be changed and rearranged as often as needed to keep your little girl’s bedroom feeling fresh and inviting to her as she grows and changes.

The easiest way to decorate a little girl’s room, though, is to start with a theme or a focus. To find it, simply draw on your little girl’s existing interests. Some ideas to get your creativity sparked include:

  • Animals: from butterflies, dragonflies, honeybees, and lightning bugs to puppies, kittens, birds, and horses
  • Plants, flowers, trees, gardens
  • Landscapes: ocean/beach, tropical rainforest, mountains, meadows
  • Sky: sun, moon, stars, clouds, rainbows
  • Fantasy: fairies, elves, angels, witches and wizards
  • Storybook/Fairy Tale settings: a castle equipped for a Princess

In line with that last idea are princess castle beds, custom theme beds built into the shape of a splendid castle fit for any princess, tailored to your little girl’s tastes as well as your needs as a parent (such as storage, play space, sturdiness and durability, etc.).

In fact, you can find custom theme beds befitting any little girl’s fantasy bedroom, from fabulous mansions to humble cottages, from horse-drawn carriages to tree houses. Starting your decorating plan with a prominent centerpiece like a custom theme bed, in fact, is an excellent way to make the rest of the design process fall into place.

Once you know what kind of custom theme bed your little girl wants it’s easy then to pick appropriate colors, fabrics, and accessories.

Source by Joann Means

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