Designer Leather Handbags – 3 Top Brands and Where to Get Great Discounts

If you are passionate about purses, designer leather handbags are definitely on your radar and you are probably wondering what kind you should get? This article highlights 3 top brands and where you can get great discounts. A designer leather handbag does not come cheap and there is a reason you are willing to pay top dollar; quality and longevity. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for the first price you see, below you will learn more about the top three brands and where to look for the best discounts.

1. Treesje: Only good things are being said about these designer handbags, made so well that they are worth twice what you pay. Details and luxurious leather make them a definite item on someone you knows wish list, probably you! A favorite of celebrities, the internet has made it possible for us average women to own one…or two. Made with supple leathers and offered in a variety of unique colors, these designer bags are one of the most popular options to date.

2. L.A.M.B.: Prepared to be addicted, this line of designer bags created by Gwen Stefani stands for Love Angel Music Baby and reflects her own personal style. The handbags are beautifully made, have character all on their own and are quickly becoming a must have bag for celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Fine detailing and color patterns make the purses stand out from all the others and have sparked a huge interest in everything that Gwen Stefani is designing.

3. Botkier: Developed by Monica Botkier, these bags are in a league all their own. Offering luxury with custom detailing these handbags are incredibly functional too. No matter what look you want, this designer it seems has got something for you. A large line of varying colors, styles and sizes; from hobos to totes all made with great details. Another fan favorite among women, the Botkier name definitely deserves the top three spot.

Now that you know the top three brands, you just need to know where to get the best discounts for designer leather handbags. Definitely the last place you will want to go is a department store, even on sale you will probably pay through the nose there. The internet is really the best answer for you, with many online retailers selling the exact same designer handbags for a fraction of the price. Many places offer free shipping too so you don’t have to worry about that cost if you decide to purchase online. Treesje, L.A.M.B. and Botkier are excellent brands and any handbag made from them is going to be of great quality and be a handbag you love.

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