Digital Camera – Exploring New Frontiers of Photography


A camera is a device which is used to capture still or video images. A camera typically consists of a hollow cylinder that has an opening at its one end, called aperture and a photographic surface on the other end. The light enters the device through the aperture and the image of the object is captured on the photographic surface. The amount of light that is allowed to enter aperture is determined on the basis of brightness of the object whose image is to be taken. One can get many equivalent exposures of an image by varying the diameter of aperture and the shutter speed.

Light is captured on a photographic film in traditional cameras. Digital camera use a charge coupled device (CCD) to capture images. One can also transfer the captured image on a computer that can be processed or edited later. These cameras can store thousands of images on their memory chips, and can also show an image on its screen immediately after it has been taken. One can always delete undesired images from the device's memory that will allow him or her to take more photographs with the device. There are several variants of such cameras like video cameras, live-preview camera, range finders and single lens reflex cameras.

The first true digital camera was developed by Fuji Corp. in 1988. The device used a 16MB internal memory card to store the captured images. The development of compressed JPEG and MPEG digital formats allowed these devices to store a large number of images in small memory spaces. Minolta introduced a 2.7 mega pixel camera in 1999. The device got wide acceptance among professional photographers. The device featured five lenses with varying focal lengths and digital zoom. Canon released a 6 mega pixel camera in 2003 that was strategically priced under USD 1000.

Samsung's new high definition cameras feature a number of innovative applications. Digimax S800, Samsung NV3 and Samsung L700 are some of the cameras of the company that have got wide popularity among people. The Digimax S800 is a 8 mega pixel camera that has 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. The device has a 2.4 inches TFT LCD display. The camera features a Quick Print Button that allows the user to take printed image of the last photograph taken with the help of just a single key. The device also features an Advance Quality Movie application that has a number of useful tools for image editing.

Olympus has launched a range of high end cameras in past one decade. Some of the most successful models of Olympus digital camera include Olympus C-55 Zoom, Olympus Stylus 800 and Olympus E-100RS. The Olympus Stylus 800 is 8 mega pixel camera that uses a rechargeable Li-ion LI-12B battery. Its battery has enough power to take up to 300 shots. The camera weighs 182 gm and measures 4.1 inches in length, 2.3 inches in breadth and 1.3 inches in thickness. The device can be operated in a number of modes like scene mode, play back mode and image blur reduction mode. It takes pictures in a range of pixel resolutions, with lowest being of 640 x 480 pixels and the highest being of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

Almost all leading camera manufacturers have released new models of pink digital camera in recent times. These devices have got wide acceptance among camera users, especially women. Some of the highly appreciated models of pink digital camera include Fuji Film Finepix Z10, Sony Cyber ​​Shot and Kodak EasyShare. All these cameras can be used using AA standard batteries. Some photographers also use AA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries as they are rechargeable and provide power for longer durations. One can also use non rechargeable alkaline batteries that provide sufficient power for short times.


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