Digitalsignagepress Pro – Digital Signage WordPress Plugin



1.5.0 – 10/01/2017

- YouTube playlist support improved
- bug fix video start on occupied pages
- Plugin cleanup
- Copy & move function for slides to another playlists
- Slider Revolution shortcodes support
- added language support for Portuguese - Brazil
- added language support for Portuguese, Hindi
- added language support for Norwegian

1.4.7 – 03/20/2017

- WP 4.7.X compatibility
- SlideShare iFrame Support
- Google Drive embed support
- OneDrive embed support 
- added playlist in playlist function
- added russian, turkish, french and portuguese translation files
- code optimization
- bug fixes

1.2 – 11/21/2016

- improved compatibility with old php versions
- changed initial building of generated pages to better support plugins included via shortcodes
- made regular fonts available without external source for offline environments and as workaround against plugins that prohibit get requests for external files
- fixed a scheduling bug that made some slide always active

1.1.15 – 10/28/2016

- font fix

1.1.14 – 10/20/2016

- added spanish translation
- fixed a rare bug with scheduling of slides with custom layout

1.1.11 – 09/15/2016

- fixed control scheme for border based element movement
- fixed 24/7 scheduling on videowalls
- fixed scheduling toggle
- fixed preview for new slides before save

1.1.9 – 08/12/2016

- added german translation
- can now reorder slides inside playlist via drag and drop
- can now choose to copy existing slide into playlist when adding a new slide
- added higher and more font sizes
- added separate delete background button
- enabled free positioning of image elements within a container
- more detailed description in case a URL is used multiple times
- dynamic container dimension for inserted images in custom editor based on the image ratio
- added overview of offline devices in dashboard
- bug fix for preview

1.1.7 – 06/23/2016

- optimization for LG webOS DigitalSignage screens and youtube links
- optimization for Samsung Digital Signage screens in combination with video playback

1.1.0 – 05/10/2016

- original Release


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